Saturday, February 02, 2008

What would you like to hear again?

This will be the bloggerment banner from now on so feel free to steal it and pimp the game!

I headed over to the s-mans last night for plenty of Call of Duty 4 and even a little poker.Blizzards were forecast so I headed home just as it looked like it was about to start.

It turned out the only storm brewing was for me at the tables when I hit 'em up.I'm not in the habit of posting a list of unlucky hands as I know they make peoples eyes glaze over, but after dropping $90 last night I need to get these out of my system.Looking back now in the cold light of day,I actually feel quite reassured that my decisions were mostly good and as a poker player that's all I can control, so I can't be too unhappy.These were all $16 ,18 player turbos and my net loss was $90 for the night.

1) AK lost all in preflop to QK sooooted
2) With four left I called a shove with A10 and lost to A4.
3) 1010 V AQ : rivered Ace
4) Shoved AJ,called 55 ,lost.
5) 99 v KJ,Jack on turn.
6) Limped 66,folded to raise and reraise.They had AA and AK. Flop K 6 6 .....nooooooo!
7) KK beaten by AQ rivering a straight.
8) 99 v A9 ,Ace on flop.
9) HU:Shoved K5 ,called by Q10 and came 2nd in that game
10) JJ V A10,I hit a set on the flop...but he makes a straight on the river.
11) Last hand of the night.I shoved 66,run into KK which flops quad cowboys.

These are all fairly standard stuff in turbos and it only required one or two of those hands to hold up to have made a decent profit overall.That didn't stop me wanting to put my fist through the laptop after the last hand!

Ok,I'm off to pick up Nacho as soon as I stop finding classic old Skool hardcore tunes on youtube to listen to!

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At Wednesday, 06 February, 2008, Blogger MAIR said...

Like the new Britblog banner, duly put on my blog :)

At Wednesday, 06 February, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks Mair,you're a star!


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