Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bloggerment 44 Open

I still wasn't feeling great yesterday evening and if I'd been sensible I'd probably have been in bed for 10pm.I'm not guilty of being sensible too often though and last night was no exception!

I began my pokery fun by crashing out of a couple of $16 turbos before doing the same at a $25 mtt on Littlewoods where I have a little cash for the Raisetheriver games.

Oh, I also crashed out of Fridays RTR league game, when, just for a change,I ran into AA ,as it appears I'm destined to do in most Blogger/forum games!

I took a break to watch Match of the Day and thoroughly enjoyed watching the highlights of Havant & Waterlooville's game with Liverpool in the FA Cup.When I was at the Gers game yesterday there were whispers going around Ibrox that the part-timers, Havant, had taken the lead and for Liverpool to equalize, only to see Havant retake the lead was almost unbelievable.5-2 in the end to the Premiership side but hats off to Havant for putting up such a fine showing.That is what football is all about.

Back to the poker and despite more endless suckouts I managed to make over $300 from 28 games in total to help wipe out Friday nights deficit.As always, I feel it should have been a lot more.I stuck to playing four tables at a time and found it easier as I had some reads on the villains to go with.My last set of games was particularly frustrating as I had big stacks at 3/4 tables but only managed to win one.According to Startracker I get in the money in 26% of the 18 player turbos I play in. I suppose cashing in 2/8 ( from two sets of four games)is actually ok despite how it feels.It's hard to keep the faith in your game when it's 0/8 and the next 4 start badly but there's no point in whining about it.If you can't stand the heat,get out of the kitchen eh.

I think I can be quite tough mentally most of the time when it comes to poker, but I seem to need to be warmed up first by playing a few games to get myself to the stage where I can just accept the wave of nausea that comes after a bad beat, and move on the the next hand/game without dwelling on it.

Unless I get off to a great start, I never seem to enjoy the first few games I play most nights, as I find it takes me a bit of time to get into the flow of it and play my best game.I make most decisions almost on auto-pilot a lot of the time, but it's those games at the beginning of the night where I'm most hesitant.Perhaps if I worked off some kind of fixed starting hand chart it would be easier, but that's not my style and poker is so situational that it never will be the way I play.

It's the "it depends" reason which probably stops me being more active on forums re discussing hand histories.For example when written down,a hand may look like an ICM auto-shove in a bubble situation, but if the villain is a donk calling any two cards with a huge range then perhaps the "right play" becomes more questionable.I've mentioned before I'd to to war preflop with Tens or better in my 18 player turbos preflop and most of the time that serves me well.Last night though I lost with Tens and Jacks after preflop all in's against bigger pairs.At first glance that's just one of these things which happens,however a deeper look revealed the two reraisers in both cases (I'd made a 5bb preflop raise)were both solid regular players and my auto-shoves should have been more carefully thought through against them.

Ok,that's enough witterings for a Sunday!

Don't forget to register for tonights Bloggerment on Stars at 9pm gmt/4 pm est.It's only $5.50,open to all bloggers and the password is donkament as usual....

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At Sunday, 27 January, 2008, Anonymous Matty H said...

Hi mate. I can relate to what you say about taking a while to get in the zone. The first hour or so is always a struggle for me to concentrate and play well. It's difficuly to blot out everything around you. Nice work with the profits

At Monday, 28 January, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Matty.I hope you managed to blot out my AQ shove in the bloggerment ;-)

At Monday, 28 January, 2008, Anonymous Matt H said...

lol. I've suffered far worse matey :)


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