Saturday, January 26, 2008

Back on the wheel

Thanks to Mr Cloud and Dudley for the feedback on the poker video.According to screencast stats nearly 120 people have watched it so far, which I certainly didn't expect.

Maybe I should have renamed it the Hamsters poker video.That's what one of my colleagues at work compared me to, as I'm always looking as if I'm about to fall asleep during the day! I also nearly crashed my car the other morning due to feeling half asleep.Some early nights ahead this week...

Just back from Ibrox where Rangers beat St Mirren 4-0 to go seven points clear at the top of the league.( our rivals play tomorrow)

George Burley was appointed Scotland manager last week and there have been a few dissenting voices on the phone-ins over his choice of ex England captain,Terry Butcher,as his assistant.There's talk of a friendly with England at the end of May and although it would be strange seeing Butcher in a Scotland tracksuit,I don't doubt he's a great motivator who knows all about Scottish football and I'm 100% behind him getting the number two job.

Sticking with sport,I believe there's a small US football game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants on Feb 3rd.I've never really understood or enjoyed the stop/start nature of US football, but apparently a Scotsman, Lawrence Tynes,took the winning kick for the Giants to get them to the Superbowl final.I read last week that he's a big fan of celtc and dreamt of playing for them as a boy.As a neutral that makes my choice to win easy...Come on the Pats!!

I had a poor night at the tables last night.I have a touch of man-flu and and I should probably have rested my aching bones instead of playing until past 5am.The chair glue that seems to keep me playing had bonded fast though and after a terrible start ,I was determined to recoup some losses before bed.I wasn't in a good mood to begin with and illness,tiredness and being cheesed off are not factors usually associated with winning money at poker.

Rosie and I played an $11 mtt at Stars which didn't go well for either of us, before I began multi-tabling the $16's,playing six and sometimes eight at the same time.Some of the beats I took were almost laughable.My bad mood meant I was feeling too emotional about my game which I think I let affect my play a little.I've never muttered "unbefuckinglievable" so often as yet another premium pair was two outered by the time the river card arrived.

In the end I only lost $130 over 30 sng's and did manage a reasonable last hour with a couple of 2nd place $27 turbo finishes ensuring my roll didn't take too big a hit.I must have finished on the bubble at least three or four times last night and had plenty of 6th and 7th place nightmares too.

Although I felt I ran quite badly, it was the first time I'd eight tabled at $16 and I suppose there's always going to be a drop in roi and an adjustment period required.Having a high roi is always good for confidence reasons, but it's playing as many as possible that makes money in sng's and I'm trying to switch my focus slightly at times to reflect that.

Still,it may have seemed like a bad night however I'll bet I slept better than Jerome Kerviel did last night!

How many bb/hour is he down after trading his way to a £3.7 Billion deficit on the stock market?

He's gonna need a few first place finishes in $16 turbo's to get out of that one....

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