Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cmon the Gers...

I've not played too much poker over the last couple of evenings,preferring to watch football and some cardrunners videos.

I'm a bit disapointed Rangers have sold Alan Hutton to Mr Clouds team,Spurs.I just hope our chairman gives the manager the £9m to spend on new players and we can add some quailty to the side.I'm off to Hampden tonight for the league cup semi v Hammerheids team,Hearts.I'm still hoping for a last minute Glasgow heatwave ( unlikely in January) as my seat is quite near the front in the Rangers end and totally exposed to the wind and rain.

I haven't had too much joy in the pokey games I have played in.Tuesday's donk of the night called my c-bet bluff ( 6bb preflop raise and 3/4 pot size bet on flop)with K4 on an 8 5 5 rainbow flop,hitting a 4 on the river to beat my AQ.Sure he had outs, but what the heck was he doing in the pot in the first place?! Donating Sklansky Dollars I suppose...

Rosie and I played a few $6 turbs last night before trying some HU sngs for a change.I won my first wee $2.20 game before losing a $6 and then winning a 4 person $6 for a small profit.It was strange starting a HU game with low blinds but I quite enjoyed the experience and my opponents were hopeless players.

Righty I'm off to the game...

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