Sunday, February 03, 2008

No Fun

I did enjoy catching up with Al Eleven on the chat thing for the first time in ages last night,but the rest of my weekend has been pretty crap.Johnny Rotten finished the Sex Pistols last ever gig by asking "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" If I hadn't been playing the game of life for 35 years and poker for over three years,I'd be asking the same question.

My mood and poker downswing were so bad last night there was nearly a two word blog post today.I quit.

I played 38 games last night and lost $212 to leave me stuck $300 already this month.I've always known turbos are brutal,however last night took not just the biscuit but the whole damn biscuit factory.I've run badly before on runs of 0/20 and 0/22 without cashing, however even those runs didn't feel as bad as last nights perpetual onslaught.A couple of mislicks also cost me too.I felt sorry for the guy with two pair against my rivered straight until the chips all went to him and it clicked with me that I'd totally misread the board.I also managed to auto fold my small blind ( folded to me)when the big blind was sitting out and I really needed chips.

To continue the theme of doom and gloom, the company I work for are shafting us all by removing our flexi-time and introducing a rota we must adhere to.Of course they're not actually removing our flexi offically as that would mean buying out our contracts.

They state "business needs" as the reason, but although many parts of the business are online ( phone monkeys) we're an offline team and there is just no need for us to have more people covering 8am starts and 6pm finishes.The only consolation is that I deal with business customers and I still won't need to work beyond 6pm or at weekends.

Ok,that's enough whinging and moaning for one post.Don't forget to register for tonights bloggerment on Stars at 9pm...

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