Thursday, February 07, 2008

Glasgows biggest casino opens

I returned from seeing a man about a dog last night and hit the tables,only for my downswing at $16 to continue as I went 0/5 without cashing.Not being able to win a race,running into monster hands and having donks insta-calling my raises with Ace rag and hitting against my high premium pairs was the story of my night once again.

I am looking closely at my own play and in truth I don't think I've been anywhere near my best this week.Not tilty but perhaps playing slightly scared in some games and trying to correct that by being too gung-ho in others.

I should be able to squeeze a few games in tonight as I've booked a days annual leave for tomorrow.Looking forward to hitting tables and listening to Buddydank radio or my trance tunes.

Big thanks to Mair and Sir Al Can't Hang for pimping the Bloggerment.Feel free to use the banner from the other day and join 'em!

I'm still no nearer to organsing a date for the next home game although it's looking like being in March now.Perhaps we should hold it at Glasgow newest ( and biggest) casino which is now open.The Alea Glasgow looks great and I like the fact you can get in wearing jeans, as UK casinos have usually always had a very strict dresscode.I know they are into their poker though I'm not sure yet what kind of format their tourneys will use.Watch this space!

Ok,I was lucky enough to be able to get tomorrow off work.Time to walk Nacho,chill out and hit the tables...

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At Friday, 08 February, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tae love playing poker, I used tae hay a wee dug called coisty and i smoke the weed.

Full Tilt name Scotsman420

At Friday, 08 February, 2008, Anonymous SanJose Salmon said...

Hey Zagga, catching up on last few posts thing huvney gone too well right noo!!! Thanks for the menshey.... it was good to catch up and now I've got a pc again we'll be back to normal business. As for the poker..I've never studied the game like I would for work, but I beleive that in many ways gives me an advantage, I play from experience and fun, yes I make dumb moves but I don't expect to beat top poker players.Instead I enjoy the challenge of being the under dog, my best game come when I play my best poker in the most challengijng games, higher stakes and not multi table.

To make money from poker you're never going to do it from playing low stakes and multi table where the variance (from bad calls) is just going to be huge. I enjoy poker most when playing one game, focusing on getting a read on the players and outperforming them.. even if some tough lay downs I regret thropugh's better thanb calls i regret through suck outs or bad beats. My advise is enjoy the game, play les multi table and focus on one higher stake game where your knowledge will be respected and the cash will follow....Grasshopper ;)

At Friday, 08 February, 2008, Anonymous SanJose Salmon said...

PS bombed out of 1c 18 maner early door and aboot to bomb oot a $27, 18 man unless I can play game of lifetime!!! TIME TO BLUFF AND BET BOLD!!!!

At Friday, 08 February, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks for stopping by Anon.Nacho was very nearly named coisty tae!
Gl a the tables.

Mr Salmon:Looking forward to catching you at the tables again soon mate.

Not sure I agree ( polite way of saying yer talking bollocks)that you can't make money multi-tabling low stakes sng's.In fact I know it's possible.

I also enjoy playing just one or two tables,getting reads and outplaying people, but I don't think you or I are underdogs to many players at $16.

The biggest obstacle to winning is in our own heads as the swings and variance in these games could drive ye insane if ye let 'em.

Hope ye came back and won that $27 btw...


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