Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fast as a shark

Don't forget to register for tonights Bloggerment.See above for details.Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to play in it.Find it under the "tourney" and then "private" tab at Pokerstars.Starts at 4pm est ( 9pm uk time) in the Stars lobby.

I can't believe I forgot Kats Friday night donkament again! I was chatting to Dudley and Mair and mentioned it to them about 20 mins before the start time ( 2am at Full Tilt ,late on Friday nights)and by the time it came back into my head it was 2.20am!Next week....!

Yesterday went quite well.I was at Ibrox to watch Rangers beat Falkirk 2-0 and afterwards I did my weekly shopping and picked Nacho up.

After dinner, I watched a couple of cardrunners vids and then hit the tables.My good mate,Al Eleven,left a comment recommending I focus on just one table instead of multi-tabling and I pretty much dismissed it because the only way to make decent money at sng's is by playing a load of tables at the same time.On reflection though,I think Al had a good point especially when I'm running as badly as I am at present.

When I multi-table I think I loosen up too much and try and make things happen a little too often when more patience is required.I can play 2-3 turbo's at once which I suppose is still technically multi-tabling, but I'd love to be able to play at least 6-8 tables with the same ease.Perhaps that will come with time ( 3 tables seemed impossible a few months ago)or perhaps playing more than 3 tables just doesn't work for me.

I was 2-3 tabling the $16's for most of last night and made $267, which helps claw back some of my losses over the last week.For the most part I felt I was running better too ( which wouldn't be hard after last week) and in one game in particular I had a $12k stack when the final table came round and actually remembered what it was like to be on a heater, as hand after hand actually held up or sucked out.Coming 4th in my next game after getting the money in on my bb with A3 v A4 on an A310 flop, only to see a 4 fall on the river soon brought me back to reality,as did shoving 44 in the sb into the bb's QQ to bubble in another game.

Overall though it was a decent nights work.I even managed to squeeze in a wee $6 turbo with Juice, which he took down fairly easily with an Epic performance....Ok maybe not epic but it gives me an excuse to post this old Faith No More classic...

I've a couple more links to post before I head off and take Nacho up the road.The first is from Tony G's blog and has nothing to do with poker.It's a webcam from a game reserve in Africa and I love it! When I logged on last night it was pitch black and there was only the sound of crickets ,which instantly reminded me of chilling out on hotel balconies on many a happy holiday.Sitting back with a smoke and a beer,gazing out to sea with just the sound of crickets for company is a scenario I don't think I could ever get bored with.

I'd better post the last video, as that's where the title for the post came from.Nothing to do with Juice taking down that $6 last night!

Here's Accept with Fast As A Shark..

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At Thursday, 14 February, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Zagga, too true the only way to get a good return on yer buck in touney's is to multi table, but my thought was that when you're running bad and taking lots of bad beats it saps the soul out of you. If you play a couple of games at a time then you get more of a read on the players and are wary of which ones are likely to donk out on you, and makes folding a good hand pre flop easier and "hoping" you made a good call and the donk hit his crappy outer, live to fight another day theory. It also helps you build your confidence in the game again, when you run a number of games not making the money you not only get pissed off but you get more stubborn that the odds will come through for you, I know it makes no sense but when you've got the confidence the odds seem to work in your favour, otherwise every donk call seems to be rewarded. Obviously George Orwell didn't tell us about the emotion sensors that are built into every mouse button, or the fact the poker sites use it to decide when donk calls should be rewarded - it's SATANS work ;)


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