Friday, February 15, 2008

All Greek to me

We drew 0-0 with the Greek league leaders at Ibrox on Wed night and after the game I headed over to the ex's to look after Step A.

Last night I picked Nacho up and taking him a long walk ,I hit the $16 turbo's slightly earlier than usual at around 9.30pm.I wish I hadn't bothered!
On table one I folded AK to a shove early on and would have flopped a straight.On table two I pushed preflop with AK and ran straight into AA.At higher levels there's probably an arguement which says my shove is -ev ( not profitable) as I'm only going to get called by a better hand, but at $16 I'd expect calls from AQ-A10,k10-KQ and may well force small to medium pairs to fold or take a coin flip.

I had my Aces busted by Q7 soooted in the next game and crashed out of two more before Stars sng lobby once again showed no new registering games.

I was enjoying listening to the RTR podcast ( if you're reading this Splunk ,I look forward to more reraise steals this Sunday in the Bloggerment!)and remembered a thread from the forum on soft sng sites.Oh and before I forget congrats to both Burnley Mik and Yorkie Pud on the news they are going to become Dads! wp lads!

I hit up the fish pool that is Party poker and fired up a couple of their $22 ,one table turbo's and was pleasantly surprised at the fishy standard, taking into account it's a small step up from my usual $16.I crashed out of the first two before winning the last one and although I was feeling quite at home on Pokerstars,I'm going to mix it up with plenty more $22 turbs on Party from now on.

Tonight is the final RTR league game and after coming a close second last season,I've not really been at my best or most focussed in the games this time around.Missing two rounds and playing one at the s-mans ( complete with smoke breaks) may not have helped. I'll be registering shortly...

Ok,quick one from the paper before I go:

News from the American primaries, where voters were polled on whether they thought Bill Clinton campaigning for wife Hillary was helping, or hindering, her campaign. Fifty-nine percent said hindering, 39% said helping, and 2% said: "He never told me he was married!"

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