Saturday, February 16, 2008

I run so goot...

I really enjoyed the RTR league game last night.Congrats to Burnley Mik on winning the series.It was between BM and Rickyrosa and it was fun reraising BM until Ricky had his Aces busted and BM had the title in the bag!

I continued to run badly and bubbled in the RTR game after my JJ was rivered by 22.I hit up a $6 turbo with Juice afterwards and bubbled in that one too, before Juice headed off and I ran into beat after beat to go about 0/12 without cashing.

I think the forumla for beating turbos is probably about 30% skill,30% luck and 40% emotional control.My Stars roll at the beginning of Feb was $2742 and at one point last night that had been reduced to $2382 and I felt like I'd never cash again!

I even remembered Kats rebuy donkament but I was in poker hell at the time,3 tabling and getting scudded at every turn and was in no mood for light hearted fun and rebuy donkery!

I told myself to keep playing as well as I could and thankfully I managed three wins which meant I actually finished the night up $82 over 18 games.I hit the sack about 4am because my neck was really stiff and painful.Thankfully it feels far better today.

I only have about £1200 outstanding on my credit card at the moment and I'm due a cheque from the insurance company for £700 ( after the ex's car was torched a while back) which will go towards that.I've just withdrawn $1000 ( £509) from Ladbrokes to completely clear the card balance.( for now!) It seems daft to have about $7k online at various poker sites when I'm still paying interest every month to a card company and I don't intend playing much at Laddies from now on.I'm also hoping the poker will pay for my Rangers season ticket in May and car insurance in June.( not likely if my luck doesn't change!)

The plan today is to pick Nacho up shortly before heading home for more poker and a visit from the s-man later.Until then,I'm off to the discoland...

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