Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chicken Coinflips

On Monday night the s-man popped over and we chewed the fat for a couple of hours before he left and I hit the tables.I was so dang tired from my weekend 5.30am exploits I was wary of not being on my best game.I began at Stars and my first exit was frustrating as I shoved 44,hit a set and still lost to a runner runner flush.

I'm not running well on the sandwich front either! I make up a weeks worth at a time on a Sunday night and freeze them.Everyday for that week I have the same sandwich.One of my colleagues suggested making up enough for two weeks and I did this.Half are chicken and cheese and half are ham and cheese.I grab a bag from the freezer every morning randomly and three times this week I've picked the dang chicken.If I lose another coinflip tomorrow and it's chicken again it may just tilt me! Check out my stats on sandwichscope....

Back to the poker and I came 2nd in the next one I played before I moved to Party for a couple more ( $22 single table turbos this time),bubbling in one and winning the other.I did attract a lecture in the chat for keeping the bubble going by reraising a shorty with AK.I had a huge stack and my reply of "I don't care " may have caused him to steam as that big mouthed idiot did end up bubbling.

Last night I attended a union meeting after work which went on longer than I expected.I logged on and saw that my good mate Al Eleven was around ( the San Jose Salmon) and we both hit the $16's.( 18 player turbos as usual)

Al took one down,made the money in another and I.....didn't!

Al had also fired up a $12 ,180 player turbo and I joined him.In the first one I was so card dead I was blinded down and actually won all in with A7h V two donks.I went on a wee run from there and was frustrated to go out 21st after shoving from the small blind with 96 and being called by some idiot and his Q7 off.He had a similar stack to me and had called for his tourney life almost on the bubble with that hand, but the standard is so low in these games I suppose it wasn't entirely unexpected.

No point ranting in the chatbox.He paid his money and can play any way he likes.It's up to me to adjust accordingly.

I fired up another and again found myself card dead.There is little room for moves and bluffs in these games, but the players drop out so quickly it really only requires a double up or two to stay in the hunt.

I had chipped up to about $5k in chips when I actually got very lucky indeed.A shortstack on the button raised,the small blind flat called and I elected to shove JJ hoping to isolate the shorty.The shorty had hee haw but the sb showed Aces and I was stunned to actually hit a Jack on the river and scoop a nice pot.

I stole a few pots,reraised a bigstacks bet with my JJ ( he folded) and also had my lucky hand ( J9!) win v a short stack.

Before I knew it I was at another final table and I sat back a bit and watched as Muppet Wars ensued and the numbers dwindled further.I'd love to say I took it down but I was quite pleased to come 4th in the end ( $158 prize).The blinds had reached a redonkulous level ( $5k/$10k with antes) and I ( $30k stack) shoved QJ and got called by the bigstacks A10.

Tonight I'm heading home to watch the Gers away game with Hearts on tv before heading over to the ex's to look after Step A until midnight.Tomorrow night it's the casino launch night and on Friday night I'm going to head over to the s-mans.

Roll on..

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At Wednesday, 27 February, 2008, Blogger Juice said...

if you make chicken sandwiches two weeks in advance you will most likely get food poisoning.... which is -ev!

At Thursday, 28 February, 2008, Blogger Juice said...

also if you freeze a sandwich wont the bread become soggy in the defrosting processes?

At Thursday, 28 February, 2008, Anonymous SanJose Salmon said...

i understand the freezer process... sad, you need to buy some fresh sandwiches at some greasy spoon cafe... but you too lazy to walk there ??????

As for result tonight ... suuuuperb!!! nice to get a few goals in there, sounded like a dominating display, like the one you were asking for!! League Leaders!!!

Enjoy the night at the casino and save yer dosh for a wee visit to yer mates in San Jose and a wee boys visit to LV!!!!!!!! if you don't visit us first you will be killed by death ;)

Vics is comin back to glasgow for a visit in June or july some time after what we talked about so lookin for you to watch out for her and be the rock she'll need when she's back home, cheers

At Friday, 29 February, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Hey J,Sandwiches can be frozen no probs and they defrost just fine without getting soggy!

Mr Salmon we have a canteen downstairs but I'm far too tight to pay their rip off prices..

Casino was great.Inspired me to save for a Vegas visit later in the year.

Just let me know exactly when Vics is back later in the year and I'll be there mate.


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