Saturday, February 23, 2008

Folding in the dark

By the time I'd had dinner last night and checked out raisetheriver I was too late for the Heads up battle organised by forum.( not like me to be late!)
I watched some crap tv and hit the tables around 10pm,jumping straight into the $16 ,18 players turbos I love and hate so much.

Once again the variance monster was kicking my arse and I simply could not get a hand to hold up.There were so many suckouts I'm not even going to begin to try and list them.The best was probably when my Aces flopped a set after a flop with one diamond and 910d runner runnered a flush.

I could feel the frustration building inside me and I don't mind admitting I began with my usual raising my eyes to the right and gazing at the ceiling whilst shaking my head, and ended up punching a cushion just to try and relieve some of the poker angst I was feeling.I was still able to look quite coldly at my own game and although I had been making the odd mistake I knew I was just running exceptionally badly and if I kept plugging away it could still come good.

I can handle losing 8-9 in a row and knowing that one win ( $108) will get me back about even and then if I can just get a little luckier I can go on and have a decent session.Once again though I found myself looking at quite a big loss and I hated knowing that even one win would hardly dent that.

From little acorns blah blah blah ....thankfully my perseverance was rewarded and I finished at 4.30am having won three and come 2nd in one game to leave me up $86 over 25 games.

I went to bed reasonably happy in the end that I'd pulled it back.No point in going over all the two outers that killed me at times.What's done is!

Ok,off to pick my boy up and take him for a run at the pitches before attaching the ball and chain and hitting up Stars....

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