Friday, February 22, 2008

There's only one Nacho Novo!

The Nacho man did the business again for Rangers yesterday,scoring the equaliser against the Greeks with less than ten minutes to go to send us through to a tough last 16 game with Werder Bremen.It wasn't pretty to watch but it was effective.Roll on the next round!

After the game I ventured out to the local pub to join their pool club and spent an enjoyable couple of hours playing my cousin.The jukebox was playing 80's stuff and I did find it quite funny that my younger cousin thought Fergal Sharkey was a snooker player rather than a singer and had never heard of OMD or Heart.Mind you I checked with Juice later last night and he thought Mr Sharkey was a historian!! The ignorance of todays yoooth!

I've been stuffed with the cold all week and didn't really feel like playing poker when I got back from the I fired up a couple of Stars $16 turbs and promptly got suckered again.It was especially frustrating as I'd built a decent stack on both tables before being scudded.I did manage to win one on Wed night which helps, but I feel like I've gone from making decent money in these games to treading treacle.

My main poker goal is to make as much money as possible and my next attainable goal is to break the $4k profit barrier at turbo sngs.According to sharkscope I'm at around $3.5k and it's getting very frustrating trying to get over that $4k hurdle.

Overall I reckon I handle the huge variance in the turbo games quite well but I think that mentally I'm still a long way from where I want to be.I'm also worried about my multi-tabling abilities and wonder if I'll ever be able to 4-8 table the $16's and still make decent money.

I mentioned I've not been enjoying the turbos recently.Why do I play them? $$$$$! I've got my Rangers season ticket to pay for in May ,my car insurance in June and I'd quite like to use poker profit to get a holiday and pay next years council tax bill.

I did hit a Bet 365 $50 nl 6 max table after last nights turbo beats and although it was only a short 20 min session and I only won $20,it really felt good to be playing some post flop poker for a change.

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