Monday, February 18, 2008


Congrats to lukybuggr on winning the Bloggerment and keeping the title in Scotland where it belongs! Thanks to all 27 runners and to Mair,Surflex,Sir Al Can't Hang and everyone else who pimped the tourney this week and helped ensure a decent turnout.

I really enjoyed the game and even won a race with 910 sooted v Al Elevens 88, before normal service resumed and I had my own 88 shove over Surf's raise called by his QJ which made a straight by the river.

I assume Surf didn't think I'd shove AA/KK and as he held QJ and it was unlikely I had QQ/JJ, he felt he wasn't going to be dominated.The only hand I'd shown down was that 910s so perhaps Surf also felt I was taking a stand with a weaker hand against his fairly frequent preflop raises.Whatever the case I've no complaints.Maybe one day I'll actually win two races in a row in that dang game though!

The good news for my bankroll is that after the Bloggerment I managed a win and two 3rd places in my $16 turbo games.I came back from a tiny stack to take down the first one and even one of my 3rd place games was highly satisfying.I was reduced to under 400 chips and was sitting in 5th position, when two others had their KK and JJ beaten to move me up the payout ladder.That made a change from the shortstack always hitting their miracle card which seems to be the norm!

After a nightmare run of luck it's great to finally get back to being in profit for the month.Cutting my multi-tabling down from 3-4 tables to a couple of tables I could really focus on has probably helped, aswell as simply having a few more hands hold up over the last night or so.Let's just hope that remains the case!

Ok,I've got Nacho tonight,possibly a badminton match on Tues,babysitting on Wed and the Rangers game followed by pool with my cousin on Thursday night.

My Mums poker game also seems to be improving a lot recently, although I was very concerned to hear that she'd fallen over at ice skating and knocked herself out! Thankfully she was ok but it did remind me of the old Scottish football tale about Partick Thistle manager,John Lambie, who was asked what to do about his main striker who was concussed after a headknock and didn't know who he was."That's great,tell him he's Pele and get him back on" was Lambies advice.

Perhaps my Mum woke up thinking she's Annette_15!

Ok,thanks for reading.Back later in the week....

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