Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hit me one time...

Well done to Juice on doubling his bankroll ( hehe) by correctly answering my football quiz question.The $10 has been sent!

If it's always easier to write about bad nights at the tables then this may be a long post!

On Monday night I lost about $100 after yet another terrible streak where I couldn't seem to win a hand that went to showdown.I don't use the chatbox in non blogger games but found myself twice answering "np" ( no problem) when other players apologised to me for their suckouts.

I was playing more $12,180 player turbos and my only placing from about 10 games was when I bubbled the final table after my AJ shove was called by the shortstacks A6 which hit a 6 by the river.

Last night I watched our rivals crash out of European competition and then hit the tables.My bad streak continued and I still couldn't get a hand to hold even when miles ahead or win a race.

Even when I made the money in my last two games of the night I still felt like I'd dropped the soap in the prison shower.When you continually get the chips in the middle with a dominating hand and they hit their weak kickers over and over again it would be easy to give in to frustration and tilt.I was determined I was not going to let bad play add to my bad luck and when my A8 shoved fell to A7 to send me out my penultimate game it barely bothered me.

In my last game of the night I did actually get a few hands to hold and made the final table in decent shape until I shoved 1010 over a button raise and was called by AQ.I wasn't at all surprised to see an Ace hit on the flop and I crashed out 7th for $69.If I'd won that race I'd have been in pole position but then if my Auntie had balls she'd be my Uncle eh....

As I drifted off to sleep cursing my luck I realised I have to reconsider the way I look at 180 player turbos.I'm used to making the money in just over ( 28% to be exact) 1/4 of the $16,18 player games I play in and I need to get it into my head that with 162 extra players that ratio would be almost impossible to maintain.I'm not sure what is realistic.Time will tell I suppose if I stick at them.

It's weird because I actually finished up $33 at the end of last night and despite a nasty Monday I'm still up over $100 since that start of the month and yet I still feel like I've taken a beating.

Ok,tonight I'm over at the ex's looking after Step A and Nacho and on Thursday night I'm at Ibrox for our game against Werder Bremen.

Oh and before I go I've finally found something bad to report about cardrunners and their videos.Shouting "One time" or "hit me" at my laptop during hands like the pro's do makes feck all difference to the outcome of the hand...

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At Thursday, 06 March, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I consider it a worthy distribution of wealth from donkey to shark.



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