Saturday, March 08, 2008

Took down a donkament....

You know your a poker player when you need the alarm clock to wake you up at 2.10pm after a late night session...

After dinner last night I dropped the ex off and arrived back just in time for a raisetheriver International challenge match on Stars.As expected there was plenty of Scotland v England chat going on, although Ricky took it down for a ROW ( rest of world) win in the end.I went out 9th after shoving 99 and getting called by AQ.I think I typed "gg" before the flop fell ( with Queen) as I don't run goot in Stars blogger games!

I fired up two $16 ,18 player turbos, took one down and came 2nd in the other.Next stop was Party Poker and I had time to play one $22, single table turb ( came 3rd) before it was time for Katitudes $1 rebuy donkament on Full Tilt.

I had registered early for it and had pimped it on RTR ( Tan and Mair played too)but I nearly pulled out as I was so tired ( and had a few herbal smokes too)I could barely focus on the screen.A cup of ginseng tea brought me round a bit and the crazy nature of the game did the rest.

I recall winning with Aces early on ,losing a big race and then going on a bit of a tear after the rebuy period ended.I think I was slapped back down again before winning a couple of crucial hands and then stealing enough to keep me in contention.

I did actually get lucky at the final table when my 1010 hit a straight v JJ and I used the chips from that hand to move into turbo mode and began raising plenty of hands when it folded to me.I had nearly double the chipstack of Smboatdrinks by the time we got heads up and my KQ hit a nice flop v A10to win $121.

Thanks to Kat and to the US/Canadian players who made me feel more than welcome in the chatbox.

The Britbloggerment game is now open for registration although my brain is so fuzzy today I hope I've not screwed up the start time.I think US clocks go forward at 2am early on Sunday.UK clocks don't do likewise until the end of the month but I think this means the start time in the Stars lobby is 5pm ( still 9pm GMT).Password is donkament as usual.

Please let me know if I've got that totally wrong!

Righty,off to pick Nacho up and take him a nice walk in the rain....

..after watching Scotland horse England 15-9 at the rugby :-))

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At Sunday, 09 March, 2008, Blogger SmBoatDrinks said...

Congrats on the win Acornman!

I know it may be a little late for you, but I do host a Tuesday nite tourney on FTP @ 21:10 ET called the Tuesday Night Booze Cruise. Password is BoatDrinks. Hope to see you again!


At Sunday, 09 March, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks Boat,it was a pleasure playing at your table!

I'm off work next week so I may make Tuesday nights game.


At Monday, 10 March, 2008, Blogger katitude said...


Well played Acorn!

At Tuesday, 11 March, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks Kat!


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