Friday, March 07, 2008

Uber fine football result!

I thoroughly enjoyed last nights fine 2-0 win for Rangers over Werder Bremen at Ibrox.They are a top side and it's a great result to take to Germany next week for the 2nd leg.Rangers are a big club and should be making the latter stages of European competition most seasons.The problem is that the tv rights money Scottish teams receive is minuscule compared to teams in the bigger countries like England,Spain,Italy and Germany.

I'm off work after today until the 21st and I'm really looking forward to the break.( posts may dry up/slow down for a while too)The ex is popping round tonight to clean my flat and for a quick bite to eat.We're back on good terms again after our fallout the other week over the car insurance pay-out.

I plan on playing a load of poker when I'm off.I've taken a break from playing over the last couple of nights to try and feel a bit fresher at the tables.I've also watched a couple more Sngicons videos.In comparison to cardrunners they have a far more laid back feel and although they contain some gems,I feel like they are more for entertainment than for learning at times.Listening to top pro "Bigjoe3003" asking for a hand to hold up because "I'm a good person" made me chuckle.

Time for some turbo donk spotting tips.( not just open the table and then your eyes!) Bet sizing is the first obvious one.Preflop minimum raises,calling raises early on and even just being involved in a lot of hands during the early stages usually mean there's a donk at work.Paying attention to the hands players showdown or go to war with is crucial,especially if they are calling light or from out of position.

I also find "ego" players who make a drama out of it every time they fold their big blind to a raise tend to be donks too, although obviously the delays could be due to multi-tabling which is usually the sign of a solid player.

Chatbox table captains also reveal a lot of information that can be used against them.Someone saying something like "How could you call a raise with AJ?" means you can usually pin a tight calling range on them and they won't usually bluff as much as they don't want to look silly themselves.I may be wondering too why said donk called with AJ, but I wouldn't want the average donk to be able to narrow down the pushing/calling ranges I use.

Ok,last thing! Has anyone else noticed that almost anytime someone shoves over a raise in the turbs they seem to show up with AK?

I've read a few good threads around the poker forums this week and I thought I'd post a few gems from this thread on Pocket Fives titled "You know your a poker player when.." : "So I'm watching Oprah and she says 48% of women swallow and I'm thinking to myself, CAN'T I EVER WIN A FUCKING COINFLIP???","When some woman is bobbing pole, gags and pukes on your junk, and you sigh and say, "every time.","when u go to bed at 7am and get up at 3pm ","you have more money on PokerStars than you do in the bank... ","When u score with a super hot chick ( and think to yourself wp) Then your friends point out to you that she gave u herpes and aids, so you tell them ' dont be so result oriented'" ,"when the internet is down and you play cards with your pets.. sometimes i even put them on hands.. I'm never right though","- when the number after 10 is obv Jack, not 11",.....

Righty I'm off to enjoy my holiday!Don't forget the Bloggerment this Sunday.Open to all bloggers,readers and blaggers who discover the password....And also...

Katitude's Friday:Blogger Donkament
Full Tilt, 9:00 PM EST 2AM GMT
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