Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chip off the old block...

Grrr,I'm still having computer problems.The new keyboard I've ordered is out of stock and this old laptop I'm on only seems to work about 1/5 times I switch it on.I missed the first ten minutes of The Hoy last night trying to get the old one to work so I could say more than gg and nh in the chatbox.

I warmed up for The Hoy by playing a $5 standard speed single table game with Rosie.Soooo slow, but the company was goot :-)

Rosie went off to bed and I hit up three of my usual $16,18 player turbos on Stars and I came 7th,3rd and 1st.I decided not to test the variance biatch any further before The Hoy blogger game and watched a cardrunners vid for some inspiration.

The format of The Hoy is 6 max deep stack nl and although it's not a turbo,I've played a ton of cash 6 max before and the Stars 18 player games get shorthanded before the two tables merge later on.I was fairly confident of a decent showing, but I misclicked at a vital point and knocked myself out!

I had 55 ( presto is gold eh!) and had raised from early position.Loretta,who had been playing quite an aggressive preflop game and had just shoved 88 ,pushed over the top and I took some time to think it through.I could see him ( apparently Loretta is male)shoving 66-QQ,AJ-AK but although I considered the risky call,I remembered a blog post ( may have been Hoy or Jordan) about going broke with small pairs in these situations.I also remembered a comment Kenn ( excellent mtt player) made about me sometimes making rash decisions with small pairs in blogger games and I decided to fold.I moved my finger down to the mouse pad to drag the pointer and BAM,I called!I quickly typed misclick but as it was my newer laptop and I have no "s" it came out all screwed up and I settled for a quick "gg".Very frustrating.

I couldn't stay annoyed for long as I was still listening to Buddy Dank radio and the tunes and chat were top class.No Sam Fox "Touch me" tonight though, thankfully! Buddys laugh reminds me of Mr Waters DJ from Radio Kaos.....

I finished my pokery fun by playing a couple of $11 turbs on Full Tilt and managed to recover my Hoy entry fee by taking one of them down for $49.

I'm still off work which has been brilliant and I had planned to rack up some serious poker hours.I've only played 71 games according to Sharky over the last week and although I could have worked much harder at it,I've made a decent profit for my weeks work ( $738) and it's been a fine mix of turbs and blogger games.

Ok,this lappy is starting to slowdown again ( freezing up ).How can I surf my favourite potato porn sites?!

Off to do some food shopping and walk my boy....

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