Saturday, March 15, 2008

Silence is probably golden

Grrr,last night I spilled some green tea on my laptop keyboard.Unfortunately the tea had failed to "refresh and invigorate" as described on the box and has left me without the use of about 4-5 letters.I've impressed myself by managing to ( after 3 months) renew the IP address on my old Lappy and I'm hoping the keys may still dry out and spring back to life on the newer one!Just aswell for the onscreen keyboard or I'd have been locked out completely.

The ex ended up keeping Nacho last night and I headed over to the s-mans about 8-ish.He was engrossed in Call of Duty 4 and after nipping outside for a smoke,I hit the RTR league game about 20 mins late.Between chatting to the s-man,bombs going off in COD4 and the terrible clunky software of the poker site,I'm amazed I scraped 3rd place.It was very frustrating not being able to chat properly!

The s-man and I watched the new Rambo film and I felt old Stallone carried off the role quite well.It did cross my mind that surely an army of fit bad guys should be able to catch a man in his 60's fairly easily in a foot race but then he is Rambo.

I made it home in time for Kats Donkament and was once again frustrated by not being able to cht prply! 2Blackaces was rebuying after almost every hand and by the time the rebuy period was over the blinds still seemed tiny in comparison with stack sizes.Good to see Tan at my table although I think he realised just how long it could go on for and eventually shoved light just to get out and to bed! I couldn't repeat last weeks win but I did manage 3rd for a small payout.

Ok,don't forget Britbloggerment 50 begins at 9pm Uk Time/5pm dst on Stars.Password is donkament,it's $5.50 and open to all bloggers,readers and password blaggers!
Find it under the "Private" tab...

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At Monday, 17 March, 2008, Blogger Wildcat said...

Nice result for Rangers today following the one a few days ago, do you go to any of the european games? I was in the San Siro to watch Arsenal beat Milan, one of my finest moments in football :)

By the way, have you tried any of the DYMs on crypto?

At Monday, 17 March, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Wildcat.We didn't play that well but who cares,we won!

Never been to an away Euro game and would love to do so.The Uefa final in Manchester would be a good place to start ;-)

Ahh beating Ac Milan at their own place eh.How do you ever top that?!

ps What's a DYM? I've not got anything on any crypto sites just now.


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