Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jabber Man

Current start time is 5pm dst for US players.Now open for registration at Stars...

On Friday night I played in the RTR league game where I shoved with AK over the top of Tan's KK and made a fairly early exit.I donked around a bit and at 1am played in Kats donkament rebuy game.I really enjoy the format but the many rebuys and low blinds mean it can be a long game and eventually I managed to donk out in 6th after trying to bluff a fish who just couldn't fold his set of queens on a dry board when it was obvious I probably had nothing!

Yesterday I was at Ibrox to see us beat Hibs 2-1 before picking up Nacho,get my shopping in and heading home for a chat with Rosie before the s-mans visit.

The s-man and I watched Hostel 2 which was a typical Tarantino film with lots of sickness and black humour.After that we spent a few hours chewing the fat and going over many of the escapades we got up to in our teens.The s-man and Al Eleven spiking my cup of tea with speed ( amphetamine sulphate) just before I visited my girlfriend at the time made me smile now, but spending 4 hours chewing gum fast and jabbering non-stop to her father before arriving back with my hair still standing on end was no fun at the time!

I joined Rosie for a game or two on Stars after the s-man went up the road and when Rosie went to bed,I changed moved to Bet365 to play some $100nl 6 max.My cash game is a bit rusty and I was soon down $70 after a couple of failed moves including being sure my 99 was still good on an ace high flop.( it wasn't!)

I actually got lucky and made it all back plus a little more when my set of fives became a full house on the river versus a turned straight.That wasn't against the biggest fish at the table who left the table with the comment "typical good night" after losing his 2nd buy-in.The table broke up when he left and I hit the sack too.

Today I've just watched Man Utd beat Liverpool 3-0 and the Chelsea v Arsenal game is up next after I've dropped Nacho off and seen another man about a dog.

Ok,thanks for reading...

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At Sunday, 23 March, 2008, Blogger Juice said...

stealth aces are lethal

At Tuesday, 25 March, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so was that cup of tea acorn had ;-)

he looked like he'd stuck his hand in the socket!



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