Monday, April 07, 2008

Duck Broken

Yesterday afternoon after the Rangers game, I took Nacho for a long run at the local pitches to try and clear my head after a crappy weekend.

I hit the tables about 7pm and crashed out of two $16's before I had dinner,came back,played two more and took one down.

Thanks to all twenty runners who turned out to play in the Britbloggerment game.I'm happy to say I finally broke my duck and took the tourney down after only 636789 previous attempts!

I'd love to say it was done with style but when we were down to three,Weegem had disconnection issues and although Cell and I slowed play down to give him a chance,he didn't get back until the game was nearly done.

I did feel sorry for weegem ( though cell and I were just glad it was connection issues and not some crisis in the WG household) but I was also pleased at last to take down the game I co-host with Burnley Mik, especially after over a year of suckouts,lost races and my own donkery had denied me previously!

I played two more turbs before bed and finished just out of the money in both.It's been a slow start to the month on the poker profit front although last month was the same.Hopefully things will pick up.

At least Celt*c lost and Rangers drew at the weekend to leave us 7 points clear with a game in hand and two games against them left.If we win the game in hand and can draw one of our games v them, then the title is ours unless we collapse like celt*c did a couple of years ago.

Here's a quick one from the paper I'm sure my good friends would say reminded them of someone ( can't think who!)and a copy of a text I received today and found quite funny.

Ok,back later in the week..

A chap in the pub the other night was denying his pals' claims that he was tightfisted, and pointed out to them that only the other day he had taken his girlfriend's parents out for tea and biscuits.

"Mind you," he added, "they were a bit surprised they had to give blood first."

Breaking news: After the GMTV phone in quiz scam,Celt*c are claiming compensation from the SPL,SFA,UEFA and FIFA for being allowed to enter competitions they have no fuckin' chance of winning.....

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At Tuesday, 08 April, 2008, Blogger Cell 1919 said...

Congrats on winning.

It was a shame what happened. It was nip and tuck upto that point, the sort of game I love playing because even if I don't win I sure learnt a lot from my opponents.

At Tuesday, 08 April, 2008, Blogger Marky said...

Well done.
Glad you could use my chips to good use, really enjoyed playing and will try to make it again next week.

At Wednesday, 09 April, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers lads.Catch you both at the felt next Sunday hopefully...


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