Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Snappy title.....

I've played four turbs since my last post and have only managed one cash when I came 3rd after shoving AQc over a shortstacks all in and running into the bigstacks KK.( shorty was weak with Q5 as I expected)

In last nights two turbos I didn't feel I played well at all.I'm quite patient when it comes to waiting on a playable hand and will often let my stack blind down from 1500 to under 1k before I start to feel moves need to be made to stay afloat.Being card dead didn't help ,but reraising a fish with AJ was dubious and although shoving 93 off in the other game may have worked if someone hadn't woken up with AKh,I could still have waited a hand or two for something better.

I don't like shoving ( when folded to me) a 2.3k stack with 93 off, however it had been an incredibly tight game with blinds of 200/400 before we even hit the final table and my shove would have netted me 1.2k in blinds and antes ( if uncontested) which would have given me a far better chance of cashing.Hmmm.

I've not played many games because as usual I'm feeling exhausted from too many late/sleepless nights.All my own fault and I don't know why when other people go to bed early,I stay up late as if I'm somehow immune from requiring a decent nights sleep.I suppose I just hate the thought of having no life outside the corporate rat race.Coming home for 7pm and going to bed three hours later would do my head in.Being a night and not a morning person doesn't help and who knows how I'm going to make it to work for 8am on Thursdays and Fridays when our new shift patterns are implemented at the end of the month.

Anyway,Before those games I watched Liverpool beat Arsenal 4-2 to reach the Champions league semi-final against my favourite English team,Chelsea.It was one of the best games I've watched in a long time, with Torres goal and Walcotts unstoppable run for Arsenals equaliser being the highlights.

I also played in a Raisetheriver game on Stars which had an interesting format.The 2nd and 3rd place finishers transfer their prize money to the winner who uses the total prize fund to play a higher stakes sng/mtt and they in turn will then transfer back 30% of any winnings to whoever finished 2nd and 20% to the 3rd place player in the qualifier.

Nine of us started the $10 game and although I enjoyed the chat,I felt I let myself down by trying to play as if there was a traditional bubble rather than adjusting to "win only" format.I had a decent stack at one point but Mairs KJ beat my AQ and oot I went in fourth! Best of luck to Mair who took it down!

More Champions league fitba' tonight and tomorrow night is the 2nd leg of Rangers Uefa cup quarter final.

In other news I hear David Blaine is extremely upset with celt*c striker,Jan Vennegoor,who has made it into the Guinness book of records ahead of the magician after setting a new world record for time spent hanging around the box doing nothing....

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