Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm still on a crappy run at the turbos.On Monday night I only played two and went to bed after coming 2nd in one and coming 7th in the other.It was just nice to have a winning night even if it was only over two games!

Last night I didn't get past the first hand of my starting game when I couldn't get away from AK on an AK4 flop.With the standard of play at $16 I'd expect the villain to show plenty of QK type hands that I beat at showdown, but I've been running so badly I just knew he had 44 and he did.On my last hand of the night I had my Aces busted by 1010 hitting a gutshot on the turn after the money went in postflop.I did save the hand history but quite frankly,who cares? In the cold light of day even I don't want to see it again!

I can accept that turbos are high variance swingy type games and losing a few coin flips is standard.In fact losing a lot of coinflips over 100 games is probably standard too.It's constantly getting dominated hands crushed which hurts more.JJ losing to a rivered Ace ( AJ) ,QQ to 1010 and even after I had typed "thats the nature of turbos" to another player who had crashed out after a beat,I had my own AK beaten by KQ a couple of hands later.

Poor me,whine,moan,whinge,it's all so unfair!

The only answer is to keep plugging away and to to try and get in enough volume to help even out the nasty variance.I think it's easier to deal with running badly over say 30 games when they're played over one night or weekend.

Playing only a couple of games per night has definite benefits but investing too much emotion in the outcome of those couple of games is a major disadvantage over just brushing a beat aside and firing up another game when multi-tabling.

I suppose I occasionally read other bloggers posts about how they've lost a few games per night,every night for a week and how badly they feel they are running, and think to myself that I could see that kind of variance in one night and that running really badly is losing most coinflips/races etc over a weeks worth of 10-15 games per night.

In turn of course the real deal mutli-tablers would look at my ( aprox) break even run of 100 games or so and laugh at my short-term results based thinking as 100 games is nothing in the scheme of things.In fact from reading online forums ,breakeven runs or downswings of even a thousand games are not that unusual.

Ok, tonight is the Old Firm game and my cousin will be coming over to watch it with me and Nacho.My prediction is a 0-0 draw which would certainly suit us more than them.In fact even if we lost it would not be a major disaster but now is the time to kick them when they're down and hopefully we can just about end their season by winning.( 8-0 would do me,I'm not greedy!)

Just time to link to this fine wee site.( work safe) I wish Nacho was as obedient!

Loved this from the paper too...

"I asked my girlfriend's best friend what to get her for her birthday," said the chap in the pub at the weekend, "and she told me to get her something which would make her face light up.

"So I got her a torch."

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