Saturday, April 12, 2008

Midnight Express

One of my favourite movie scenes.He should have listened to Mr Garrison...

I don't think I could buy a money finish in a $16 turbo at the moment.I played ten last night without cashing and couldn't seem to win any significant hands.Not one! There's no point indulging in self delusion in this game and I'm aware that after about the 7th suckout in a row,I did let my game slip and I made a couple of semi-tilty moves which cost me too.I was suffering from a serious need for munchies by that point too and I never play well when shaky with hunger.Doh! Thankfully I recognised that ,took a wee break ( ate a load of chocolate fingers), came back and took 2nd in a $27 turbo to finish off my sngs for the night.

I'd started with a 2nd place at a $6 game and although overall I only lost $33 from 13 games,it was a highly frustrating night.I'm now only $106 up from 78 games this month and I'm not getting much pleasure from playing.

I was far too tired to play in Kats rebuy donkament at 2am but I did round my night off with ten minutes at a Ladbrokes $100nl 6 max table where I won $30.It was close though! The villain took his whole timebank to fold to my river bet in this hand.

** Game ID 964898405 starting - 2008-04-12 03:05:58
** Wentworth [Hold 'em] (0.50|1.00 No Limit - Cash Game) Real Money

- DoctorCash sitting in seat 1 with $77.46
- Redranger1 sitting in seat 2 with $164.56
- paddletoe sitting in seat 3 with $67.14
- Acornman sitting in seat 4 with $104.23 [Dealer]
- OneEyedJack sitting in seat 5 with $184.09
- Teddybear sitting in seat 6 with $54.32

OneEyedJack posted the small blind - $0.50
Teddybear posted the big blind - $1.00

** Dealing card to Acornman: 2 of Clubs, 4 of Hearts
DoctorCash folded
Redranger1 folded
paddletoe folded
Acornman raised - $4.00 : I'd not raised a hand yet and as I was on the button and it folded to me, I thought I'd pick up the blinds.Oneeyedjack has been tight so far..

OneEyedJack called - $4.00
Teddybear folded

** Dealing the flop: 6 of Hearts, 4 of Spades, King of Diamonds

OneEyedJack checked

Acornman bet - $5.00 : Time to represent the King on a fairly dry board.

OneEyedJack raised - $10.00 : Hmm checkraised but I'm not putting him on the King as he would have no need to protect a King here as the board isn't draw heavy.If he had the King I think he'd be more likely to call here and hope to get more out of me on the turn.I'm thinking he's likely to be on 77-QQ here.

Acornman called - $10.00 : If I had the King I'd probably try and milk him a little and wouldn't want to scare him off.I think my call keeps my " I have an AK type hand" story consistent.

** Dealing the turn: 3 of Diamonds

OneEyedJack bet - $14.50 : For some reason I'm always more suspicious of non rounded up bet sizes and his bet here also seems weak compared to the pot size.If he was trying to show great strength with his checkraise,he doesn't appear to like the fact I didn't fold.

Acornman called - $14.50

** Dealing the river: King of Clubs : Now I'm almost certain he doesn't have a King.

OneEyedJack checked

Acornman bet - $45.00 : I considered betting around $29 to make it look like I was making a value bet but I reckoned he would be more willing to call with a QQ type hand if I didn't make my bet large enough.The pot was $55 and I felt my $45 bet was the best chance I had of taking the pot down.

OneEyedJack folded

Acornman mucks:
Acornman wins $100.00 from the main pot : Phew!

I was at least sensible enough to get an early night and went to bed after that hand.( 3.10 am is early for me at the weekend!) Right, I'm just about to go and pick Nacho up and take him for a run at the local pitches if the rain stays off.

The s-man is popping over later this afternoon and my cousin is coming round at some point after his work this eveving for some smokes and poker.

Still on a natural high after the Gers result the other night.Here's a clip of Whittakers fantastic goal which sealed our place in the semi-final...

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At Sunday, 13 April, 2008, Blogger Juice said...

A fine goal but lets be honest the tackling was appalling! seriously Mother acorn would have done better.

At Sunday, 13 April, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

He just made them look silly with his sublime skill!

At Monday, 14 April, 2008, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi just wondering wether you'd like to exchange links with our blog

Let me know and I'll get ur link up



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