Monday, April 14, 2008

Poker rut

I still feel like I'm stuck in a poker rut after losing $33 over 31 turbos at the weekend.I did at least finish with a 3rd and 4th ( 1st-4th pays at 18 seat games) however even those ones left me cursing as I ran AJs into AA to go out 4th and had AJ beaten by K10 ( 10 on turn) for my 3rd place finish.

I suppose to be running as badly as I am and still be up aprox $100 for the month ( over 91 games)is ok but after the last few quite profitable months it's very frustrating indeed.I did at least get to bed for 3am on both Friday and Saturday night and don't feel quite as much of a zombie as I usually do on a Monday.

My cousin was also over on Sat night and yesterday I was out at Firhill watching Rangers win 2-0 to progress to the semi-final of the Scottish cup.Before that game there is the small matter of the next Old Firm game at the meccano set in the East End this Wednesday.A draw would suit Rangers and a win would go a long way to bringing our league title home.

Congrats to Katitude on winning the bloggerment last night.Nice to see the title go to Canada for the first time!

My own title defence didn't go well and I crashed out in 12th after racing AK v Dudleys JJ and not improving.I did put Dudley on AJ/AQ or a pair and perhaps I was a little rash, but I was down to nearly 1k in chips and just felt like gambling.

Ahh shopping done,dog walked,sandwiches for 2 weeks made and even dishes done.When is the weekend? I'm exhausted!

Just finished "All my friends are super heroes" by Andrew Kaufman and although it's a strange wee book,I loved it!

Before I send it on to someone I thought I'd post from one of my favourite pages.Feel free to move on to the links on the right if your not into extracts from strange wee books!

Somebody knocked on her door....

"I don't want a vacuum," the Perfectionist said

"I'm not selling vacuums," he answered.His voice was lyrical,calm and reassuring.

"I'm selling love," he answered.

"What kind of love are we interested in today?" he asked.

"What kinds do you have?"

"Well," he said.He stood up. "I've got the love you want,the love you think you want,the love you think you want but don't when you finally get it..."

"That must be very popular".

"It is."

"What else have you got?"

"I've got the love that's yours as long as you do what you're told,the love that worries it's not good enough,the love that worries it'll be found out ,the love the fears being judged and found lacking,the love that's almost- but not quite-strong enough,the love that makes you feel they're better than you....."



"I don't want any of those."

"What kind do you want?"

"I want the kind I had with Tom."

"And what kind was that?"

"It was true love," the Perfectionist said.

She locked eyes with the salesman.He swallowed.It made his eyes look sad.

"Then you'll need one of these," he replied.His eyes didn't look sad any more.They sparkled.He dipped to his right,picked up a sample case,lifted it as high as he could and slammed it onto the kitchen table.He snapped the left clasp open.He snapped the right clasp open.He flipped open the lid,reached in and pulled out a vacuum.

"Your a vacuum salesman?" the Perfectionist hissed.

"You don't really believe true love exists outside one of these?" he asked.

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At Monday, 14 April, 2008, Blogger katitude said...

"Nice to see the title go to Canada for the first time!"

It won't be the last *grin.

that book sounds intriguing..I'll have to look for it!

At Wednesday, 16 April, 2008, Anonymous cadmunkey said...

how do you make sandwiches last 2 weeks?

At Wednesday, 16 April, 2008, Blogger Rhubarb & Custard said...

Eat very...very....slowly ;)

At Wednesday, 16 April, 2008, Blogger Littleacornman said...

We'll see about that Kat :-)

Cad/Rhubarb:LOL, Freeze 'em baby,freeze 'em!


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