Monday, July 04, 2011

BBC Blofeld Clown

If only relationships were like low stakes turbo sit and go's because if they were I might have a clue what I'm doing! Since my date last Tues we've continued texting each other and had a wee chat on the phone on Fri night.After making a loose agreement to go out again early this week we didn't share any texts on Sat.I sent her one yesterday evening suggesting we go out tonight or Wed and there was no reply.

I decided to send one last message today and she came back to say she got a bit much sun yesterday and went to bed early with her wee girl.Last week she didn't reply to a text because she fell asleep on the couch when she got in.She is still saying she would love to see me again though and she's trying to get a babysitter for Thursday night.( She goes away to Florida on Sat for 2 weeks) After rushing in a bit with previous relationships I'm happy to take it slowly,see how it goes and hopefully build some trust.

Re the trust issue, even if she has been out dating most nights ( does suspecting that make me paranoid or realistic?!) does it really matter if we've only been out once anyway? I'm staying away from other dates mainly because I'm off work for two weeks and want to enjoy seeing friends/family,playing poker/black ops and smoking some fine herbs.I suppose there's also a bit of me that feels it would be unfair to go out with anyone else until I see what develops with this girl.I do really like her, although it's hard finding the balance between playing it cool and not being so casual about it she thinks I don't care.

She actually turns 40 while she's away on her hols and if we do meet up on Thus I need to decide what I get someone for their 40th when I've only been on one date with them.One of her favourite films is Kung Fu Panda and so far someone I know ( ahem) has downloaded Kung Fu Panda 2 onto a dvd for her, but I'm thinking one freebie pirated dvd isn't really much of a gift!

On the poker front I had a decent weekend at the felt and played a few profitable sets of $22's on Party and $15's on Stars.Two Pies was over on Sat night for the Haye fight and I'm glad he decided to treat his big cousin to the pay per view offering as it was a complete waste of money.Haye was like an annoying wasp with no sting and big Wlad just swatted him away with his jab all night.Haye may have talked the talk but he barely laid a glove on his opponent and I certainly won't be shelling out the pay per view fee if there's a rematch.

This week the plan is to go and see my wee nephew and parents tomorrow before heading over with Nacho to see The Big Chap and Baxter.( his dog)My car's MOT is on Wed and on Thurs I'm getting my broadband upgraded to 50 meg.( now someone I know is downloading the latest movies via torrent things a faster connection should help)

I had some clown from the tv licencing at the door earlier.I've never paid for one since I left home about 20 years ago and when I opened the front door using the wee security chain we did the "Are you Mr Acorn"?,"Who wants to know"? dance for a couple of minutes before I shut the door on him.He knocked for a while before finally giving up and putting a warning letter through my door.He had hand written on it in capital letters that "You will just get a fine if you keep refusing to cooperate".The muppet must think he's a James feckin Bond villain or something."Refusing to cooperate" indeed! Still,if I end up in an orange jumpsuit in Guantánamo Bay I suppose it'll be my own fault....

Thanks for reading.Back in a week or so after my hols...



At Monday, 04 July, 2011, Blogger lightning36 said...

I don't know that I would get my hopes up too much for this woman. It seems like her interest has waned for some reason.

Something small for her 40th might be in order.

Remember John Lennon's lyrics: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

At Monday, 04 July, 2011, Anonymous Greedy Rosie said...

One of her favourite films is Kung Fu panda? Thats really cute and a real coincidence because it's my 6yo's favourite too.(!)

FWIW, I think it might not hurt to keep looking :)

At Wednesday, 06 July, 2011, Blogger BurnleyMik said...

Hey Acorn, thought this might be of interest to you up your way at the end of July:

They have the main event and a few side events.


At Sunday, 17 July, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers for the heads up Mik.


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