Monday, June 06, 2011

Monthly Stats

Pokerstars $1594 ( + $524 in bank) = $2118 ( + $1001 for May)
Party $877 ( - $136 for May)

Total Roll $2995 (+ $865 for May)

Obviously pleased to have made a decent profit last month mainly thanks to a couple of decent Mtt runs.I haven't played any Mtt's since those cashes, but hopefully I'll get few under my belt this weekend.

On Friday night I was out with Hot Side Profile Chick.I've added the side profile bit to her previous Hot Chick moniker because she had a gap between her front teeth big enough to park a bus.Now it's great when a women is hanging on my every word, but her habit of repeating and slightly slurring the last few words of my sentences gave me the impression she was probably on drugs and after an hour of polite stilted chat, I gave her some excuse about my dog being left alone and made like a shepherd.( got the flock out of there!)

Perhaps haunted by the strung out chick I didn't sleep much on Friday night despite a good smoke and feeling very tired.Just as I was dropping off it suddenly felt like an explosion had gone off in my head and although there was no pain I was bricking it,thinking I was about to have a stroke or something.For once the internet was quite reassuring and apparently "exploding head syndrome" is not uncommon and is harmless.I'd love to phone in sick to my work and give it as a reason though.....

My lack of sleep on Friday night left me too tired to go and play live poker and not up to focusing on Mtt's.I ended up watching Jackass 3 and playing sit and go's.Yesterday afternoon my Dad came over and we struggled to get the hang of L.A Noire on my PS3.Last night I hit the tables again and watched another few episodes of The Shield.( series 1)

I also spoke to Step A who is down in England staying with her Mum at the moment.It was good to catch up with her and I'm looking forward to taking her for our usual Mcds' and Call of Duty session when she gets back around the 18th.

Back soon...


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