Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sometimes It Hurts Instead

As a tight Scotsman I'd better share the bad news with my dear readers that I won't be getting any free cleaning done anytime soon after my neighbour gave me the "I'm probably being an idiot but it's me, not you and lets just be friends" speech last night.She said there is a spark between us and and she enjoys kissing me, but she doesn't think there's enough there to give a relationship a go.

We did go out on Friday night and had a good night at the races before she came up to my place for more snogs and fumbles.The kissing happened as she was leaving though and in truth before that when we were just sitting chatting it really didn't feel like the beginning of something special.I wondered if that was because we already knew each other quite well and there wasn't much left to share in terms of life stories,ambitions and the usual stuff you discover when you start going out with someone.I was probably kidding myself.

I'd like to look at it as a crush/infatuation that didn't live up to my expectations, but whatever I tell myself I can't deny I feel pretty gutted as I really liked her.Last night I rolled up one after another and sat staring out the window listening to my music and trying to resist punching the walls.That was a one off though and won't be repeated.It would be easy to turn inwards and mope about every time I hear her close a door or watching tv downstairs, but I'm not some lovesick puppy and there's no point in letting a relationship that didn't even get off the ground bother me for too long.

I do wonder if it was easier to live with a bit of a fantasy about her in my head instead of asking her out sooner or making a real effort to get out and start dating.At least I gave it a go though and can move on with a clean slate and start taking advantage of my regular "your profile is proving popular today" status on the dating site where I've already re-activated my account.Since being back at work fulltime and cutting out the smokes on school nights I've been a lot happier and felt much better within myself so it's probably as a good a time as any to start going on a few dates.Heck I may even contact my ex fiancee and see if she fancies the back seat of my car again!

On a much cheerier note Rangers won three league titles in a row on Sunday after beating Kilmarnock 5-1 to clinch a world record breaking 54th Championship.Two Pies and I went to Ibrox after the game where it was bedlam as 40,000 fans welcomed the team onto the pitch with the League trophy.It was also the end of an era as our manager Walter Smith left after winning 10 league titles over two spells in charge.We have a new owner now too and hopefully he proves to be the real deal and backs Super Ally next season in the transfer market during the summer.

On another happy note the Play Station Network is finally back online and I'm looking forward to catching up with the s-man and co online and blasting some 12 yr olds away.I'm also looking forward to taking Step A out for a Mcd's tonight.

As I've made a few wasted journeys going to pick Step A up I sent her a wee text today to say "Don't forget I'm coming to pick you up around 6.30" and got back the short to the point reply "I know".I texted back "Just a reminder" and got back "Mkay".Teenagers eh!

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon....


At Tuesday, 17 May, 2011, Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

It is far better to have tried and failed than never tried! Or some such bullshit! Too bad man. Someone will come along though. It always happens often when you least expect it. Good luck!

At Tuesday, 17 May, 2011, Anonymous Greedyrosie said...

Ahh... never mind. At least you know!

Good news on the football front, anyway :)

At Tuesday, 17 May, 2011, Blogger dD said...

fkin awesome result, God Save The Queen.

but yer still a fkn pussy wen it comes to the fumblin part :)



At Wednesday, 18 May, 2011, Blogger Juice said...

Bad beat my friend. Beware the river card. Its a killer. But don't worry there is always another hand. :-)


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