Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Framing Who?

My Stars cashout hasn't hit my bank account yet but I'm feeling far more confident about it than I was when the brown stuff first hit the online poker fan on Friday evening.I left $16 on the site and played a few wee $6.50's over the weekend.It was weird playing there with no American players at all and although the games should be softer without the US pro-grinders I'm reluctant to re-deposit and play the $16's just in case the site vanishes with my funds.Stars themselves say it's business as usual for players outside the USA but I think I'll let the dust settle a bit before entrusting them with my money again.

With online poker under threat I did feel more of an urge than ever to play the game and 4-6 tabled the $22's on Party over the rest of the weekend.I feel like I've run really badly on Party recently although a quick Sharkscope check shows I'm still a couple of hundred dollars up over a small sample size of less than 200 games.( since Jan)

The sngs I did play on Stars filled quite slowly and the current situation makes me glad I didn't ever take the plunge and try to play fulltime when the company I work for was offering a years salary to leave.I went from being quite keen on the idea a few years ago to realising it was no more than quite a lonely data entry job with no guarantees about the future.

Away from the poker I was at the Gers game on Saturday before watching a disappointing 1-1 draw between Real Madrid and Barcelona.My hot neighbour cleaned the flat when I was out watching my team and when I popped in to pick up my key we ended up having a few smokes and cups of tea.I would have finally asked her out... but this weeks excuse is that I was completely wasted by the time I went back up stairs a few hours later and was in no state to say anything coherent!

I met up with Step A last Thursday and had a fun night.We had our usual Mcd's,went back to walk Nacho and ended up playing Call of Duty and swearing at the tv.( she's nearly 17 so I don't mind a few swear words) She hasn't seen her Mum since January and says she gets so angry sometimes she wants to smash things up.She's worried she's bi-polar but I think it's more likely just deep rooted anger at the situation with her Mum and the lack of contact.I like to think I'm a decent judge of character and can't believe I spend nearly a decade with a woman so selfish and uncaring in her nature.

The good news is that Step A is going to college in September and hopefully that will give her a bit of stability and direction in her life.After I split from the ex Mrs A I was quite bitter about wasting some of my best years with her but thinking about my continued relationship with Step A,the mutt I inherited and the good times we did have together ( mainly the three sunshine holidays per year) has changed that and there are no regrets anymore.

Tonight I'm popping over to see Step A again to give her tickets for a Framing Hanley gig I bought as a reward for getting into college.I should be home in time for the Gers game away at Dundee Utd and I'll probably play some Black Ops or poker after that.

Thanks for reading.Back soon..


At Tuesday, 19 April, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know I'm a new comment her, but phew so much to comment on.

Good read mate, looks like your just as weary as the rest of are about the poker sites and whats going to happen from now on to online poker in general. Though your not hurtin' I see, couple hundred up? Nice. :)

Learned a lot just by readin' this one post. I am in the process of making my blog myself, thanks for unspoken advice!

That's sad about your Step A, but you seem to have your head on your shoulder pretty good, right? That's good for her.

And I hope ya make a move on the hot neighbor of yours, never know til ya try, ha.



P.S: My blog site: www.The-poker-player.blogspot.com

At Wednesday, 20 April, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi mate, great blog, just to hopefully put ure mind at rest, i cashed oput $500 from pokerstars on sunday night, reached my account this morning (wednesday), so all seems to be ok, but like yourself, i wont be entrusting any deposits till the dust settles.

At Wednesday, 20 April, 2011, Blogger dD said...

a good judge of character ???? .... but u know Dudley fer fuck sake !

(my blog is fucked, cannae publish hee haw but it saves drafts ... wtf ??)



At Wednesday, 20 April, 2011, Blogger dD said...

ps my blog is NOT fucked .... IE9 is the fucking problem, grrrr

At Wednesday, 20 April, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks for stopping by Farce and for the kind comments.Added your blog to my link list.Best of luck with it!

Thanks Jeff.Checked this morning ( just after I read your comment) and my own cashout has hit my account.With the games looking fishy on Stars now I can see a small redeposit coming up soon!

Dudley:Always best to make friends with anon blog commenters eh! Saves being stalked and killed down the line mate ;-)

At Friday, 22 April, 2011, Blogger James Collier said...

hope your money arrives soon, such a sick turn of events in the US, and agree pokerstars seems weird now!

At Saturday, 23 April, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks for stopping by Fading Paint.Cashout arrived ok and it's time to hit the tables again...


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