Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stinky Jigsaw

I made it to the Alea casino in Glasgow just in time to register for the £33+£3+£10 bounty tourney along with 28 other donkeys.The starting stack was 8k in chips and the blinds went up every 45 mins for the first two levels before being reduced to just 20 mins.( which I didn't realise until after the break) In the end it wasn't a very eventful game for me and the action was so slow I actually played some Rush poker on my mobile at the table.

One interesting hand I wasn't involved in occurred when a guy flipped over Aces thinking it was showdown time but there was still one player left to act in the hand.That player bet about 1/2 the pot on the river having seen the other guys Aces and Mr Aces still called the river bet and still looked surprised when he didn't win the hand!

No real characters at my table other than the old guy on my right who was a slightly chubbier,stinky breathed version of Jigsaw ( from the SAW films).Thankfully he didn't last too long!

My tourney ended when a young guy shoved just over 10bb from late position and I called with 1010.We were six handed at that point and I just felt Tens were too strong to fold.I also had it in my mind to call a bit lighter and shove a bit tighter due to the bounties on offer.Sadly he had QQ and there was no miracle two outer for me.I had 200chips left and called with A2s on the next hand only to fall to 1010.Overall I did enjoy the live game experience but the action did seem a little on the slow side.

Rosie mentioned that she was glad I'm enjoying "The Wire" and although that's true it's not always easy to avoid spoilers.I don't generally do Facebook or twitter, but I did follow the links from a certain persons blog to their twitter thing and lets just say I don't expect Omar to be getting a girlfriend anytime soon!

I'm not on Facebook etc partly because I like my privacy, but I did get a shock this week when I got an email from my Dad with the subject header "Questions about LittleAcorn poker blog".Not that there are any great secrets on these pages but I was happy to discover someone sharing my Dads name ( and using the same shortened version of his first name) works for Poker Junkie and my thoughts can remain between me and my millions of readers!

I deleted a comment on my last post from someone promoting a poker cheating site.The "best ways to cheat your friends at poker" section was quite amusing although it does warn that "If you have friends prone to violence you may not want to apply what you read here".Perhaps the warning should also read that you may not want to apply the tips on this site if you have friends you're prone to actually treating as friends!

The "Get your friends wasted" section may have worked for me at home games but as I usually like to get wasted myself I'm not sure it's the optimal ev+ play!I do realise now that Juice has probably read the website advice as one of the tips was to "Make them think that you are a bumbling idiot", although to be fair Juice saved that routine for the pool games which came after the poker as I recall.( just kidding mate)

Online I've only played one set of four sngs since my last post.I managed to take down an 18 player turbo and cash in a 45 player $12 game.Rather than focus on the results of a few games I'm trying to focus on volume and make myself feel happier about playing 16 games and losing the other night than I was only playing four and winning.Easier said than done.

Tonight I'm off to Ibrox for the Europa League 2nd leg against PSV and I'm looking forward to the weekend when I'm hopefully going to catch up with the S-man at some point and I'll also be going to the worlds greatest football derby game on Sunday at Hampden when we take on our rivals in the League Cup final.We finally have a couple of players back from injury but with such a small squad it's going to be a tough couple of games ahead.

Back soon...


At Thursday, 17 March, 2011, Blogger dD said...

£50 ?? you have way to much fucking money !!
hope we win tonight, but after STEALING a 0-0 last week, i think justice will be served.

tk and gl (and get back to fucking work !)

At Thursday, 17 March, 2011, Blogger Amatay said...

alright fish, don't suppose u wanna shift anymore party $$$ do ya pretty pls ? :)

At Friday, 18 March, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

DD the £50 was winnings put aside from my last visit! If we'd played they way we did in the 2nd half for the whole game we would have won last night.Ahh well on to the cup final now! Shut it about work.I'll be back soon enough!

Amatay: Sent $50 to you on Stars mate.Hope that helps!


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