Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Update...

I was going to write a post moaning about bad beats and how I've been rogered more times than a police radio at the virtual felt over the last week but I've managed to turn things round a bit and have made a little profit since my last post.It's also just stupid to write about poker being a long-term game and then start whining about short-term results.I've deleted a few of the runner runner seemingly improbable hands I was going to post as there's nothing more boring than reading about bad beats on a poker blog.

I did gain a wee shark next to my Stars name on Sharkscope before a few early exits in the $16's saw it swim off into the sunset.The $16 single table sng's do seem to be full of regs but when they're stacking off with 77 during level 1 and shoving over early position raises with 87s then perhaps the games aren't as tough as they seem.

I've stayed off the herbs again this week and when I do that my urge to play poker seems to waiver as smoking helps me brush off the beats and focus on my game.I rejected the chance to reduce my hours at work because they couldn't guarantee I'd ever be able to increase them again and that could affect future mortgage applications etc.I'm also off for the next two weeks,back for a week and then off for three more before going back to my old fulltime hours so I can't complain too much.

Last Sunday I enjoyed the worlds greatest sporting event.Oh and after the Old Firm game I also stayed up late and watched a bit of the Superbowl too! The Old Firm game was a letdown after we went 2-1 up,they had a man sent off and we then sat back in the second half, allowing them to equalise and take the cup game to a replay.For the first time ever we play them seven times in a season and I've a ticket for the league game at the Piggery,the League Cup final next month as well as the last league home game at Ibrox.

Over the last week I've also been out on a few more dates with the same woman.We went for dinner a couple of times and to the cinema to see the 3D film "Sanctum".We were due to go for dinner tonight but I sent her a text earlier today suggesting we leave things for now.She is nice enough but she wasn't much of a kisser and I just didn't feel any real chemistry between us.I also still really like the local girl I've mentioned before and although I gave her a run into town this morning and said she was having a quiet weekend I've no idea if she's still with her boyfriend or even the slightest bit interested in an old fart like me! I'll probably just try and enjoy my upcoming annual leave and throw myself back into the online dating thing when I go back to work.

Ok,just time to say that I've finally finished reading Dr Pauly's "Lost Vegas" book on my Kindle and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good read.The Doc paints a great picture with his words and there were plenty of genuine laugh out loud moments too.And when I say genuine I mean it and not in that fake forum speak crappy "I just spat my coffee out over my screen" way!

As I write this I've not smoked anything since Tuesday night and I only had one cig on Monday too.( hence the grumpy post probably!) I'm off work for two weeks from today so time to take Nacho out and skin up....

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At Wednesday, 16 February, 2011, Blogger Monkey said...

Good read as usual :)

Those links along the right need a colour change, can hardly make them out!

I'd recommend a nice shade of green. :)

mon the hoops!

At Friday, 18 February, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Cheers Monkey.The only shade of green I don't mind is on my toilet roll :-)

I've no idea how to change the colour either!


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