Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Monthly Stats

Party $872 ( + $440) Pokerstars $1249 ( + $36) Total $2121. January Profit = $476.

I suppose I should be quite pleased to have made a profit last month considering I only played 105 Sngs on Party.I had to double check my Pokertracker as I was sure I'd played at least a couple of hundred, but I did have a lot of short sessions where I banked a profit after a set or two and went and played Black Ops instead!Moving back up to the $22's has gone well so far over a tiny sample size although Party doesn't always get the traffic outside peak hours to allow the games to load quickly when six tabling.

Away from the poker I enjoyed a fine meal out last night at a local Italian place with the girl I met up with last week.We're going out again to the Cinema this Sunday.

I'm still of work on Wednesdays and my new manager is going to ask HR again about changing my contract to four days per week for the next six months.It would probably be easier if I asked for a permanent reduction in hours but it may not be so easy to increase them again if my circumstances change and I need a higher monthly income again.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon.



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