Tuesday, March 08, 2011

How is that even possible?

After nearly a week of feeling well out of sorts I'm finally getting my appetite back and feel able to do more than just gouch out in front of the tv.( When I'm too weak for even poker or Black Ops there's something not right!) I did spend a few $$ trying to qualify for the Sunday Million this week but a couple of lost flips and a nasty river put paid to that dream and it was probably for the best as I'm not sure the Lambo Gallardo on offer for first place would fit into the car space I rent near my workplace...

My cousin Two Pies ( he always ordered two pies when we used to go and watch future superstars like Charlie Adam in the Rangers home reserve games about 10 years ago)was over at the weekend and after watching a painfully poor Rangers team beat St Mirren 1-0 we watched the Liverpool v Man Utd and a couple of other games after that.I didn't really care who won as the only teams in England I have a soft spot for are Chelsea and the mighty Burnley but it was a good game and Liverpool were well worth their 3-1 win.

I do wish there was a website available during the game where a fan from each side playing would clarify exactly what was being sung by the supporters ( regardless of how pc the songs are) as it's hard to make out the words from the tv coverage.In fact the only one I caught really was the Man Utd fans singing their "We're Man Utd,We do what we want" after their late consolation goal and the Liverpool fans replying "You're Man Utd,You'll do what you're told" which was class.No doubt the United fans will probably have the last laugh again this season though.

I'm looking forward to the Barca v Arsenal game tonight and hoping the Gers can somehow ( we're now missing nine first team players due to injury) get a result against PSV in Eindhoven on Thursday evening.

Back to the poker and after a couple of breakeven-ish sets of four sngs at the weekend I crashed out of eight in a row last night ( four on Party,four on Stars) before finishing with a couple of wins,a second and a third in my last set.I was only playing four at a time as I was also watching that touching movie "The Human Centipede" that I'd recorded from the scy-fi channel last week.

When I say touching I mean in the "some warped old Nazi stitches three people together joining them from mouth to anus and somehow gives all three one digestive system" kinda way.When he fed the guy at the front and started shouting "Feeeed her" at him I almost switched off despite the dreadful acting making it not very scary at all.( If I've not explained that well enough just be grateful and move on!)

Back to the poker and the post title came from something someone typed in the chatbox after this lovely beat.Made me laugh anyway.( the preflop action was pretty standard)

If I saw the second hand posted on a forum I'd be wondering why the original poster hadn't just folded preflop or at least just completed the small blind and check/folded after that as trying to play too much poker early in a sit and go is almost always a huge error as getting involved in coin flips or marginal situations simply gives the rest of the table a better chance of cashing.( it spews equity to them as the forum kiddies say)

Anyway I was only four tabling and decided open folding 66 from the small blind after it had been folded round to me was too weak and as 66 isn't easy to play postflop I felt a raise was a better option.The villain called and I bet out on the flop as it was probably one of the best flops possible for my hand with no real straight or flush draws out there and only one overcard.It was also unlikely the villain had the 7 and I'd have been happy to take it down with my large-ish flop bet.

I checked when the King fell on the turn as I thought it was a scare card for both of us.When the villain bet out 240 into a 320 pot on such a ragged rainbow board his line just didn't make much sense if he did have a King and as I'd discounted a seven from his hand I check/called.His Vpip was 24% over 200 hands and on checking today he was 24% over 30 hands at 10/20 and 38% vpip over 26 hands at 15/30 so he was obviously a spewy fish.I check/called his turn and eventual river push and although this time I was ahead, I'm still guilty of overplaying/fancy play syndrome and would like to think I won't get involved again in similar future hands.Still,sometimes it's nice to be right and be results orientated!

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

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At Tuesday, 08 March, 2011, Anonymous wolfshead said...

I love that line, " I didn't feel he had a 7". Have learned over the last couple weeks to never underestimate the optimism, or stupidity, of the average online player. Been smoked too many times recently by saying, "there's no way he could have called that first bet with any cards that match that board." Stupid me.

At Wednesday, 09 March, 2011, Blogger Juice said...

burnley!?! jesus.

At Friday, 18 March, 2011, Blogger Donkey Face said...

Oh my god. I thought I'd wiped that shit from my head.

One of Juice's friends has a fetish for that movie and even though I haven't seen it, the description was bad enough. Apparently they want to make a new movie with even more people sharing the single digestive tract.

If you want to be even more appalled, check out A Serbian Movie.

Or if you actually want to enjoy something, watchtheguild.com


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