Monday, March 28, 2011

Burger Off...

As anyone who read the comments on my last post can probably guess my date with the girl I was engaged to 18 years ago went quite well last Tuesday night.Well apart from the fact I thought I'd ordered a burger with mushrooms,asked the waiter for some Tommy K when it arrived, and then discovered it was some veggy option which consisted of a bloody big bun with a couple of large mushrooms where the burger should have been!

We originally split up after we were looking round a house together near where she stayed. ( about 20 miles from where I lived at the time) I pointed out it was near the motorway and that would make it easier for my friends to visit.I remember her saying something about how "It'll just be you and me" and that being enough to give me second thoughts.I mentioned that over dinner and when she said "No wonder,all your friends at the time were hashhead wasters" I could kind of see her point! Funny how one misinterpreted comment can change the course of two lives.

Anyway we ended up in the pub until it closed and then sat chatting in her car ( she'd given me a run from one part of the town to another) before errrr checking out the back seat of my car! We were both pretty straight with each other though.I'd already told her I really liked my downstairs neighbour and she said she was in an open relationship after her marriage had broken down last year.We're still exchanging text messages, but I'm not sure if we'll ever see each other again.

My hot neighbour did pop up to clean my flat yesterday and brought some amazing homemade sausage rolls with Parmesan cheese.I was so tempted to finally ask her out ( the sausage rolls being the clincher obviously) but I was completely exhausted from Sat night ( when I had just fired up a new set of sngs before realising it was actually 3am and the clocks had gone forward) and I suppose, in truth, I chickened out.Part of me doesn't want to make things awkward if she's not interested and part of me thinks life is too short for regrets and if she's not interested at least I can move on and try and be more enthusiastic about internet dating.

This is still a poker blog ( the "and life" bit gives me the excuse to post all the other crap) and I have played more poker online this month than I have for ages.The fact that I'm getting a little bored of Black Ops probably helps but I've also been enjoying the game more recently despite the robotic nature of sngs.At a guess I'm about even on Stars ( where I've played most of my sngs this month) and down a bit on Party but I'll do a stats post on Thursday to confirm.( I've swapped $150 on Stars for $150 on Party to add to the confusion)

Sng play is quite robotic and obviously from a profits point of view I'd rather play a table full of fish, but the fact that the $16's do have a lot of winning/break even regular players in them does mean more scope for having to adjust my calling/shove ranges depending on the individual villain.As I play more games I've noticed some of them adjusting to my game and ( for example) defending their big blind more because they feel I'm shoving very light from the small blind.( at high blind levels obviously) Not all regs are the same though and I really do need to start taking better notes to help me narrow down their ranges during the crucial late stages of the game.

Ok,that's enough wittering for one post.Back soon...


At Monday, 28 March, 2011, Blogger Josie said...

Dude, she's cleaning your flat and bringing you food? She's obv crazy about you pay her for her cleaning services?

And..........she's hot? Get to it my man!

At Monday, 28 March, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh josie josie .. josie .... "cleaning his flat" .... has fuck all to do with a dyson vacuum .... ho hum ( sorry for the spoiler ;))



At Monday, 28 March, 2011, Anonymous Greedyrosie said...

Surely the worst she can say is No.
And hello, she's bringing you pastry?
You're mental if you don't ask her out. Seriously.

At Monday, 28 March, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Josie: The cleaning is a paid arrangement.Suits both of us.I will try and grow a set and get to it Maaaaam!

dD: Please ask your nurse to check your meds mate!

Rosie:I think she made a ton of sausage rolls so I'm not sure that's much of a sign! Mental? Probably!

At Tuesday, 29 March, 2011, Blogger Juice said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At Tuesday, 29 March, 2011, Blogger Juice said...

As your lawyer i should warn you that making a pass at a paid employee may constitute harassment. ;-)

At Sunday, 03 April, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

lol thanks Juice.Your cheque is....still in my chequebook!


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