Sunday, April 03, 2011

Stats Post

Party $845 ( 73 sngs played) Pokerstars $1122 ( 142 sngs played) Total $1967 ( - $347)

After running well over a tiny sample in Feb,I hit a bad downswing in March ( over another small sample size) and had one of those months where I just couldn't win a flip or get a hand to hold.I've cheated slightly and included this weekends crappy stats in my March stats to hopefully try and give myself a fresh start for the rest of April.I'm actually quite pleased that compared to February's 72 sngs I managed to get 215 in last month as volume is the only way to ride out the massive short-term swings incurred when playing sit and go's.

Most of my downswing has come on Party as I swapped $150 on Stars for $150 on Party with another blogger midway through March.Last night I had another horrible session of six tabling sng's on Party and fired up Stars to play in the wee small hours.I ended up winning $70 at a $50 nl 6 max cash game and then decided to try something new to me and played some Heads up $25nl cash against a German donkey.( took him for a massive $15 before going to bed)

As I was back at work last week I didn't smoke any weed at all between last Saturday night and Friday and felt all the better for it.The only problem was that I didn't play a hand of poker either as I'm used to having a smoke before I play.I'll be sticking to the no weed before work rule again next week and will try and get a few sets of sit and go's in too.Perhaps I'll turn into a raging chatbox monster after every bad beat or maybe not having to skin up between sets will allow me to get more volume in.

Not much else going on really.I've been switching the tv off and listening to music during my poker sessions to try and focus more on the game.I bought Adele's album "21" and it's well worth a listen if you haven't already.Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...


At Sunday, 03 April, 2011, Blogger Wildcat said...

Acorn, have you tried the stars fifty50s? Would have thought they'd have been right up your street as a sng specialist....


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