Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Every One's a Winner...

It looks like I'll be able to quit work and making a living from gambling after the women in my team at work came up with a foolproof way to make money on last Saturdays Grand National.It's the only horse race all year I bet on and instead of the usual sweep stake the clever ladies in my team decided to collect money from everyone and place a bet on every single horse in the race.After I stopped laughing I tried to explain why that wouldn't be a good idea and eventually organised a traditional sweep stake with me drawing a couple three-legged donkeys as usual.

At the weekend I hit the poker tables and six tabled the $16's for most of Friday and Saturday nights.Set of six then roll another.Rinse and repeat! I don't have a sub to Sharkscope anymore but I would guess I played at least 60 games and the cashier shows I finished down nearly $200.I felt like I was running horrendously and checking my exit hands on Pokertracker confirmed that was the case.A post on sng variance from NoahSD's blog that Yorkie Pud linked to helped put it in perspective a bit and it really is just a case of grinding on through it.I've been back on the non herb smoking wagon during the week again so I'm not sure if I'll hit the tables again until next weekend.

On the hot neighbour front I haven't actually grown a set and asked her out yet but we were chatting in the sunshine on Sunday and I did ask if she fancied a barbecue next weekend if the sun is still out.( we have a communal garden at the back of our block of flats) The plan is for me to buy the disposable barby and she will buy in the food.It's hardly a candle lit dinner but it's a start! It may be a slow start because the rain started on Monday and it doesn't look like easing off anytime soon.

Back soon....

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At Tuesday, 12 April, 2011, Anonymous Greedyrosie said...

Please don't get food poisoning will you

At Wednesday, 13 April, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Such little faith in my culinary skills :-)

At Thursday, 14 April, 2011, Blogger Juice said...

The chinese gods are with you my friend.


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