Sunday, May 01, 2011

April Stats

I cashed out $920 from Stars on pokers Black Friday and redeposited $396 just over a week later due to the Scoop reload bonus.That means I still have $524 sitting ring fenced in my bank account as part of my poker bankroll in case I need it.

Pokerstars $593 ( + $524 in bank) = $1117 ( - $6 for month) 287 Sng's played.
Party $1013 ( + $168) 87 games played.

Total $2130 ( + $163 for April)

My Stars roll includes $30 of released bonus money and a few $$ profit from $50nl cash games too.

After an awful month in March and a bad run for most of last month I'm quite pleased at the volume and small profit I achieved in April.I don't remember the last time I played nearly 400 Sng's in a month and I'm not sure if I've ever racked up 71 sngs over 24hrs like I have this weekend.The swings are as swingy as ever though.My Stars roll has been as low as $180 and as high as $650 over the last 30 days.

Away from the poker it was good to catch up with the Big Chap and Jinxy on Wednesday night for the Rangers v Celtc Under 19 Youth Cup Final at Hampden.There were nearly 10000 there to see our rivals win the cup in extra time and it was a decent game to watch.Two Pies and I were also at Motherwell yesterday to watch the Gers thump the 'Well 5-0 in the sun.

One of the advantages of being a single bloke is not having to watch crap Saturday night tv like dancing shows ( on ice or not),X-Factor,Pop Idol etc.As I was finishing a set of six sng's last night I happened to flick over to a repeat of "Britain's Got Talent" and it was just as bad I thought it would be.The producers must be trying to find a new Susan Boyle style audition ( one rigged "ugly duckling that can sing" shocker is more than enough) as some old alcoholic looking bloke called Herbie came on and murdered one of his own songs before some talentless judging woman ( the one that Les Dennis used to pump) suggested ole Herbie sing a song "we would all know".

When he started singing "Have a told you lately that I love you" just slightly more tunefully than his previous home written dirge and the audience and panel went wild for it I switched over.Perhaps the audience don't even care how real it all is and just dream of being part of something that will hopefully get one trillion hits on youtube.Anyway I like more intelligent,challenging television and watched the whole of series nine of "South Park" instead...

The long weekend has been great so far although I slept in and missed the Royal Wedding on Friday.The girls in my team at work had an "order of the day" sheet going round giving the rough times of the service,balcony kiss etc and were not overly amused that I had added "10pm: Royal Porking" to the list.Hopefully Prince Harry will get married soon too and I can have another day off work!

Nacho has been staying with Step A this weekend.Time to go pick him up and get the dinner on.

Back soon..


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