Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stars Cashout Received

The good news is that my Stars cashout made into my bank account and from reading some of the 2+2 threads it looks like all players will get their money without any long delays.The weekly 2+2 pokercast was excellent as usual and listening to the experts interviewed helped set my mind at ease regarding the short to medium term future of companies like Stars and Full Tilt.I'll probably take advantage of Stars deposit bonus and put $200 online but I won't ever be keeping more than a few hundred on there just in case.

I only played three sng's on Stars during the week and managed to double my last $19.77 with a couple of cashes in $6.50 games.If it was weird playing with no Americans at the table it was even stranger playing without my customary herbal assistance! Someone questioned a call I made when we were three handed and instead of my usual silence I had a go back in the chatbox and probably typed more words in a few minutes than I have in six years of playing.( excluding Blogger games obviously)

I did have a laugh during a particularly fishy $6.50 game.People were spewing chips all over the place in the first level of play and someone typed "This is power play,this is what I like" in the chatbox.Aye,keep up the power plays Sunshine!

It's the Easter Holiday weekend and although I had to work on Friday ( we get the Glasgow Fair Monday in July off) I'm off on Monday and my workplace is closed next Friday for the Royal Wedding.The Play Station Network is still down so last night I rolled up and hit the poker tables.I was trying to play within my tiny roll on Stars and the soft competition and a bit of run good saw my Stars roll hit $57 before I got bored,threw in a couple of $16's and finished the night with $28.I'll probably redeposit $200 of the $940 I withdrew last Friday and hit the $16's later tonight.

This afternoon I went to the Alea in Glasgow for some live action and played in the £22 turbo tourney.( 15 min blinds,10k starting stack) There isn't much room for making moves with such a quick structure and when I had to fold AKs to a flop reraise I was nearly out early.In the end I came 24th from 68 starters when my A8 shove was called by Q10 in the big blind and Queen flopped.After that I popped in to see Step A to give her an Easter Egg and I'm now waiting on a nice healthy pizza and chips being delivered!

Tomorrow is the last Old Firm game of the season at Ibrox and I'll be there with Two Pies for the 12.30 kick off.If this was a football blog I could write pages about all the goings on in Scottish football this season but my guess is that most of my readers couldn't care less so I'll save my rants for my friends ears.

I've not seen my hot neighbour ( apart from a few waves at the window) so no update there but I will do something about it soon because if she's not interested I need to move on.Stopping smoking ye old herb during the week and going for long walks every lunchtime has me feeling a lot more motivated to get my arse in gear and I'm not going to be content to sit and play poker/Call of Duty for the rest of my life anymore.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

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At Saturday, 23 April, 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice, I was just in a local live $150 freeroll myself, think I managed 20th out of an estimated 100 people there. Good to see you did alright for yourself. Personally, I'm pretty gitty about even making last two tables here :)

And at least your making some money while all the hub-bub is going around, good for ya. I can't even get into any freerolls as of late,being from the "Good Old" U.S. of A. But I haven't given up, see ya around mate.



At Sunday, 24 April, 2011, Blogger Juice said...

what happened with the former fiancee?

At Tuesday, 26 April, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Hope you make the money next time Farce!

Juice: We exchanged a few more texts and things have tailed off now which is probably best all round.


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