Sunday, May 08, 2011

Bye Bye Stars $16's

Ahh so typical.Just as I start to get back in the swing of grinding the $16's on Stars they go and change the rake/blinds structure.The new $21.70 games seem to fill very slowly and hopefully Stars will take note of all the dissenting voices on 2+2 and other forums and at least bring the $15+ $1 games back.

Despite never using Sng Wiz or doing too much work reviewing my game I don't find most sngs spots too difficult, but I've never had much faith in my Heads Up game.The sng changes on Stars have also introduced Heads Up Hyper turbos ( only at $5.21 level so far) and I've played 42 so far and lost 3 buy-ins.I quite like the format though and the rematch option that means it's possible to own the same fish over and over until he/she declines is fun too.( as usual I'd just like to run little better than I have so far!)

Last night I was going to go and play some live poker again but was waiting on a man about a dog.That never happened and with the PSN still down and no $16 sngs on Stars I was feeling quite bored.I had just started another $5.21 Heads Up game when my hot neighbour sent me text ( just before 2am) to say she was just back from her Birthday party with her family and did I fancy a wee smoke.I sent a text back to say thanks but I was playing Pedro from Portugal in a $5 poker game and I'd hopefully catch her soon....Ha,of course I sent one back asking her up to my place and spent 5 mins going all in on every hand to finish up as quickly as possible!

She was quite drunk so I necked a few buds to catch up and we ended up chatting till 4am and snogging until just after 7am! ( she was getting picked up just after 8 to go and watch her Mum start a 10k run) We did clear one thing up.I posted that when I asked her out last Monday she said "If you like", but what she actually said was "Sure,no bother", and replied "If you like" when I asked if she wanted to go out for dinner.That minor detail probably doesn't matter to anyone else but me but hey ho!

We were already set to go out this coming Friday to the races at Hamilton and although I wasn't too nervous about it as we've known each other a while, at least last night takes care of the "will we kiss" question! I did have a huge smile on my face when she left this morning but she was very drunk ( that was the reason we only snogged) and I'm still just happy to go with it all and see where it takes us.I've tended to over analyse small details in the past and hopefully I've learned from that.

On the football front Rangers and our rivals both won this weekend meaning we are a point ahead with two games to go.The nerves will be jangling at Ibrox on Tuesday night when we play our last home game of the season before the final round of games next Sunday.

Righty,enjoy the superb talking dog clip below.I'm off to discuss the new series of The Apprentice ( starts next week) with Nacho....

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Good skills my friend.


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