Thursday, May 19, 2011

Triumphant Losers

Thanks to Waffles,Rosie,Juice and Dudley Do-Right for the comments on my last post.I took Step A out for a Mcd's on Tuesday night and she came back to my flat to see Nacho and play some Call of Duty afterwards.She was on good form and just being with her cheered me up hugely.It's almost four years since I split up from her Mum and I'm really pleased we still meet up on a regular basis.

I haven't seen my neighbour since Monday and the painful feelings I went through on Monday night and Tuesday have just about gone now.When I do see her I plan on saying that although part of me still thinks we would have made a good couple,being with her didn't feel like the start of a new relationship usually does for me either and that although I put that down to us already knowing each other quite well,maybe she was right that there wasn't enough there to be boyfriend/girlfriend.

Perhaps she won't think I'm as nice as guy as she thinks when I add that we certainly seemed to hit it off on the sexual chemistry front and that if she fancies a more casual/no strings type of fling then I'd be up for that too!

Either way she'll know I'm over any hurt feelings and that should make it easier to get on as friendly neighbours rather than feeling awkward about the situation.( unless I get a slap for the no strings suggestion I suppose!)

I may not have time for that anyway as I've already responded to a couple of emails I've receieved on the dating site I use and having got the neighbour out of my system I'm looking forward to meeting more women and enjoying myself a bit.

Not much else going although now the football season is over I do plan on playing more live poker and will probably head down to the Alea Casino on Saturday afternoon for the £22 turbo tourney.

I also had a laugh this week at Celtic and the front cover of their latest club magazine.Most of the pic below has been photoshopped but they genuinely did include the quote about defeat being a greater triumph than a victory.Here's hoping they are celebrating yet another triumphant 2nd place next season!

Back soon..


At Friday, 20 May, 2011, Anonymous Chris said...

They really ought to look at their motivational speeches! There is no way in the world you can pump up a team to win when they believe that losing is more victorious!! how funny.

At Friday, 20 May, 2011, Blogger Josie said...

Ah well. Glad to see you're getting back out there and seem a bit over the neighbor. At least you tried, although honestly I wonder why she was sitting in your flat if she wasn't interested but whatever. Women, who knows what's going on in their minds. :)

At Saturday, 21 May, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

That's the Vice Champions for you Chris!

Thanks Josie.Your comment prompted me to go down and clear the air and I'm glad I did! Re your last sentence.One of the wonders of the world!


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