Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blessed Stump

I didn't play any poker all week and although I played some Call of Duty online I was feeling somewhat bored and restless, which isn't really like me.I even had a look at flats for sale nearer a train station and a bit closer to my work as the 45-60 minute slow commute through a ton of traffic every day was doing my nut in.

The winds were strong enough earlier in the week to knock over some trees nearby and my neighbour across the landing ( not the one downstairs) has decided that having a large tree stump outside her front door ( and therefore outside mine too) is a great idea.It would be hard to sell up and move on with such a blessed stump sitting outside.She's performed reiki on it apparently and intends to engrave it with the the words "War and Peace".I can see Nacho performing something else on it if it sits there much longer!

Nacho has finished his meds and although he still has a slight cough after eating/drinking I think he's on the mend and has hopefully seen off the worst of the kennel cough.The vets were great last week but I'm a bit annoyed that I thought I had my boy fully up to date with all his jags and they didn't recommend one to prevent the kennel cough.Perhaps there are dozens of vaccinations available and all dogs only tend to get a couple.

I did have a crap week but I was cheered up when I heard from the old friend I mentioned in my post last Saturday.She's really busy at work and not even getting time for a lunch hour, but we're hoping to meet up for a cuppa at some point when things quieten down for her and just exchanging a few emails has reminded me of the laughs we used to have.

I had a pastrami and cheese sandwich for lunch yesterday instead of my usual ham/turkey and cheese combo and I think it must have been past it's best because my stomach was really sore last night and I felt so tired I could barely focus at times.I did play some poker though and won $80 from a few $22's on Party and $73 from a set of six $15's on Stars before nearly going to my bed before 11pm.I couldn't focus on the poker anymore so I switched off the laptop, finally got round to watching the first few episodes of "The Shield", and I'm loving it so far.Dare I say it's even better than "The Wire" and I didn't expect to ever be writing that as I've now watched two series of McNulty and co and intend to buy series 3 soon.

It's nearly 1pm as a write this and the plan is to walk Nacho and head down to the Alea for their 2pm £22 turbo tourney.Tonight's plan is to chill out,maybe play some poker and watch the Champions League Final between Man Utd and Barca.I can't see past a Barca win but I just hope it's a good game as so many Champions league finals have been distinctly average over the years.

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...

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At Sunday, 05 June, 2011, Blogger Juice said...

The wire is great.Im just about to start watching the shield.

At Sunday, 05 June, 2011, Blogger Littleacornman said...

You're in for a treat.The Shield is brillaint!


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