Saturday, June 11, 2011

On a Draw....

I consider myself quite a loyal guy and when I got an email from Full Tilt saying they wouldn't be able to pay for the advert they have on my blog I didn't remove it.It's been there a few years and being able to cashout a few $$ every now and then has been very handy.They also paid for a trip to London a few years back when Bullmeister and I won a great package to see the Million Dollar cash game being played live.

The ad and blogger sponsored tourneys were a two way street of course, but I didn't feel like pulling the ad when I got the initial "we can't pay you" email.Theres a lot of speculation about Full Tilts future at the moment and I've taken it down now,mainly because they still haven't paid the withdrawl cashouts to US players and I'd hate to point any new players in the direction of a company where they may lose their hard earned deposits/winnings.

Last night,despite downloading the new Black Ops map pack,I hit the poker tables and watched more of The Shield.After going 0/4 in my first set of $15's, things picked up a bit and I managed to make a small profit.I decided to roll one more before bed and bought into a $100 6 max cash table for $50.The table reminded me of the good old days at Ladbrokes on Fri/Sat nights when drunken fish used to line up to spew off their bankrolls.I ended up winning $124 at that table and went to bed with a smile on my face.I was going to post three of the key hands but although this is essentially a poker blog I doubt anyone really cares that I turned a better two pair v a flopped two pair in one hand or made a fine turn bluff bet with a flush draw to take down another pot.

No dates lined up for this weekend.I'm wondering if I'm maybe taking the wrong approach to it and should be going down the more artistic route like this guy.( I'd love to have read the responses to his work!)

Thanks for reading.Back soon...


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