Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No Entitlement

It's not a very catchy post title but all I can do to keep my sanity at the virtual felt just now is to keep telling myself I'm not entitled to win any hand and only entitled to enter the hand in the first place.I use Pokertracker 3 and I'm almost tempted to buy Holdem Manager 2 just to see if I'm setting some kind of record for running below EV using the red line graph thing they have.I'll leave it in but I should probably delete that last sentence because poker is a brutal game with no room for a "Oh poor me and my run bad" kind of attitude.I've been playing poker online for over 8 years now and while the games are getting tougher and the bad beats seem never ending at the moment, I do still take heart from the fact that there are still plenty of terrible players around the low stakes hammering at their keyboards with their big donkey hooves.

Perhaps I should take a break from Mtt's and focus more on the 18 player turbo's where I only usually have to win a few key hands before getting the chance to run over the other players around the bubble.The thing is that despite my poor recent run I'm still ( for the most part!) enjoying registering for 20-25 tourneys on a Fri/Sat night and I love the buzz of trying to build a stack on 9-10 tables at a time.I even discovered re-buy tourneys last weekend and the big prize pools for a small buy-in ( or two!) make me wish I'd taken a closer look at them before now.

Yup,8 years on and I still love the game.I usually watch a couple of training vids per week and I'm a regular listener of several poker podcasts.Mentioning that gives me a good excuse to flesh out another boring post with a few thoughts on some of my favourite ones.

2+2 Pokercast: Still my favourite poker podcast.Plenty of top guests from the poker world and the hosts Mike and Adam always seem to ask the right questions and strike the right note in their interviews.Plus they're big fans of bacon which has to be a good reason to tune in!

Tournament Poker Edge: Listening to their free podcast inspired me to join their training site and I'm glad I did.The pod is usually based around a few of the TPE pro's discussing hand histories and I love that strategy content and the fact the guys are so passionate about the game.

Thinking Poker: A decent mix of strategy and interviews.I tend to prefer the hand history chat and two hosts bounce off each other well in those segments.The only small issue I have is that the hand history chat sometimes get so indepth on the the turn,flop and river I tend to forget what hand the hero held in the first place! I was pleased to see one of the presenters Andrew Brokos is now doing training vids for TPE.His first vids on hand reading are excellent.

The Mental Game of Poker: Author of the book by the same name Jared Tendler interviews some of the top names in poker and as you would expect deals with the main psychological aspects of the game.The interviews are actually more like being a fly on the wall at a counselling session at times and I like his laid back style.

Pokernews: I'm not so interested in the ones they do on location from the latest big donkament tourney but I do like Kirsty Arnett's strategy interviews and the fact she has such a hot American accent definitely helps too! No new podcasts since the end of last August but I've enjoyed listening to a fellow Scot interviewing some of the top poker players in the world and a few characters from the world of gambling too.I'm not even at all bitter that the host's QJ beat my AJ at a tourney table on Stars many months ago! Well worth downloading stuff from his archive.

Duece Plays with Bart Hanson: This is a paid subscription podcast these days but there are still plenty of the free earlier ones available on I-tunes.It's almost all hand history chat and although the host is usually discussing live cash game hands his enthusiasm and knowledge of the game make this podcast easy to listen to and he has a happy knack of explaining things very clearly.Even as a player who has never played a live cash game hand in my life I usually feel like I've learned something after listening to one of his podcasts.

Not much happening away from the poker.I did see on twitter ( no I've not signed up to it or facebook!)that Rosie is now the proud owner of the 2nd cutest dog in the world.( Nacho made me add "2nd"!) I hope Rosie knows what she's getting into as they say you can tell what size a dog is going to be by the size of it's paws as a pup and by the looks of the pics posted, Shiva is going to be Bristols dog answer to Godzilla!

Right before I go I'll share a quick one from the Rangers match at Ibrox last weekend that made smile.We signed a Brazilian central defender Emilson Cribari last August and so far, despite having played at the top level with Lazio, he's not exactly hit top form with us.One of the boys that sits behind me mentioned Cribari had been quoted in the papers as saying he was thinking about leaving and that top clubs in Italy were interested in him.Quick as a flash another boy fired back "Aye,fuckin nightclubs".Maybe you had to be there...!

Ok thanks for reading and yeah Dudley I'll try and get round to updating my links before my next post!



At Thursday, 31 January, 2013, Blogger dD said...

as they say, you are "entitled" to fuck all

At Saturday, 02 February, 2013, Anonymous Rosie said...

He is a cutie eh? He's naughty though, and very headstrong, but I like that about him. He's too little to read yet, but I'm sure he'll be an avid fan of your blog soon :)

At Wednesday, 06 February, 2013, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Very cute indeed.Your comment made me smile too.They say dog owners see themselves in their dogs.Nacho's loyal,cheeky and full of mischief :-) Wasn't surprised to read your dog is naughty and very headstrong ;-)

At Thursday, 07 February, 2013, Blogger Unknown said...

Welll.... I view myself as rather good actually :)

At Sunday, 24 February, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you really find Pokertracker 3 and/or Holdem Manager 2 useful? I stopped using the indicators as they messed up the way I played the game, plus I like all the calculating. :)



At Wednesday, 27 February, 2013, Blogger Littleacornman said...

I do use Pokertracker 3 but I think only Holdem manager has the ev calculator.While Hud stats can lead me down the wrong path at times I still find them invaluable especially when playing 8-12 tables.
Good luck with them deuces mate!


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