Friday, January 04, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to any readers I still have left after taking a wee break from posting.I've had three main reasons for not posting.Bad runs,bad runs and sore gums!

At the felt I feel like I've never run as badly in all my time playing poker and frankly bad beat stories are boring to write about and boring to read.Of course MTT variance is known to be pretty soul crushing and if I'm only playing aprox 45-50 Mtt's per week the long run is going to be very long indeed.I did take 3rd in a $7.50 tourney for $483 and 4th in a 6 max $2.20 $2.20 game for a similar amount but overall it's been awful.

My own stupidity doesn't help either at times.The other night I had a very decent stack of chips with 43 players left in the $27,$20k Gtd Knock-out tourney on Stars.From my hazy memory I recall thinking "I need a cookie" just before I made my fatal error. It folded round to me and as the small blind only had aprox 10bb I shoved my 40bb stack with 8c4d hoping to pick up the blinds on a steal.The big blind duly folded and the pot didn't come my way.With horror I realised that someone in early position had already raised and I'd come over the top of him with my shove.He called with AQ and his hand held to leave me in 43rd place for $80.I was the sickest player on Stars at that moment.( that's bad sick,not good sick for younger readers!)

Away from the poker I've not been in the best of health over the last wee while.Lets just say my bad runs were not just at the felt! My stomach was so bad I even had to turn down the chance to meet up with an ex girlfriend for some NSA.When she started texting me the week after to arrange a meet she decided it would be better to leave the sexual part out of it.She was taking a break from a guy she was seeing and her head was messed up blah blah.Of course being a gent I agreed to meet and after a nice meal we ......booked into the budget hotel nearby!

As well as a dodgy stomach I've also had a sore mouth and swollen badly bleeding gums for over a month.I finally got to the dentist yesterday and now have antibiotics for a nasty gum infection.It was quite a relief really as I was starting to get quite paranoid about it being something far worse.With that daft worry and things getting very stressful at work before Xmas maybe it's no wonder my stomach was gubbed!

L ( old friend I ended up sleeping with after her leaving night back in August) sent me texts to say she would be back in Glasgow for Xmas.She did text me "Merry Xmas" and "Happy New Year" when she was back.Although I should probably have made the effort to see her ( more NSA!) I just didn't feel up to it.Maybe later this year!

I did manage to catch up with the Miami Trout ( Al Eleven in the old Bloggerment games) and his Mrs at another friends house with the S-man in attendance too.A fine evening was had by all and I hope they're back in the UK sooner rather than later.( not easy with twin 2 yr olds in tow)

On the football front after a slightly stuttering start Rangers are nearly 20 points clear at the top of the 3rd division.Along with Two Pies I was at the game v Queens Park at Hampden last week.Despite being demoted to the 3rd division we still have the highest average ( just under 50k)home attendance in Scotland for our games.The only show in town!

I don't even miss the big games against our hated rivals.After what went on with them and the Scottish media when we were in turmoil I don't care if we never play them again.In fact if Two Pies and I had been more organised we would have ( if there were any tickets!) gone down to Burnley for their big game v Bastard Rovers in December to get our fix of proper tribal hatred!

The Rangers v Celtic rivalry may be one of the fiercest in sport but it's not the oldest.That honour goes to Rangers and Queens Park.( see match programme pic below)

Just time for a quick one about my old ( thank fuck I've got rid of her now) manager sending out an email to the whole office describing her new team as "hardcore moaners".When the "Face like a bulldog chewing a nettle would like to recall this message" email came through a minute later it was too late as most of the office were gathered round in wee groups laughing at her first email.

Right,better go and grab some dinner,walk Nacho and hit the felt for tonights run bad fun! I'm down to under $500 and it'll be small Mtt's and 180's until I rebuild my roll again.

Thanks for reading...


At Tuesday, 08 January, 2013, Blogger dD said...

welcome back, lol. and you have readers, plural ? wowser !:)
btw, you drop another $50 and my roll will be in better shape than yours .. now thats gotta be a first !


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