Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Facing Failure

My run bad at the virtual felt has now reduced me to actually being happy when the villain sucks out on the flop as it saves me the added grief of waiting until the river card to get shafted by the poker gods.Other players now regularly lol in the chat box ( and I don't blame them) as the one outers just keep on coming.At least it helps me narrow my opponents ranges with stunning accuracy as all I need to do after the river card has been dealt is work out what the nut hand would is and assign it to my opponent.Things are truly mind warping at the moment.For example, despite my last post and all sensible logic telling me otherwise, I do sometimes think back to the two near fatal car crashes I've walked away from since the turn of century and think that perhaps I used up my all my run good surviving them.Better to run good at car crashes than poker! Either that or that somebody out there has to be more unlucky at the felt than anyone else and I should just accept that for now that person is me!

Even when I suckout it never lasts.My favourite from last weekend was when I was down to 87k in chips in a low stakes rebuy tourney.The blinds were 8000/16000 with a 1600 ante and when it folded to me in mid position I shoved all in with Kh 5h.The button woke up with Ad Ac and out I go.But no,hold the bus, here comes the flop and Mr Fuckin Whiney Run Bad has flopped a flush on a 6h 9h 7h board! Hey I might even hit an 8h for a sexy straight flush.Poor Mr Aces doesn't even have a re-draw to the nut flush.9d on the turn and.....the Ace of Spades on the river.Nice full house Sir.Glad the best hand preflop got there in the end.Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Of course just blaming bad luck is not the whole story.I mentioned in my Jan 4th post misclicking at a crucial stage of an Mtt when deep and I did it again last weekend.I had eleven tables going and was trying to register for a twelfth.When I clicked on the "register" button an active table popped up and I called an all in and a shove in a $4,$8 Gtd with 23 o/s.It was the only game I was deep in at the time and it just had to be that one that popped up at that exact second.Yes I should have been more careful, but first of all it just had to be that table and not one of the other ten and secondly I just had to have a three high hand too.Maybe I should just accept that somebody out there just has to be more stupid than anyone else....

On checking Pokertracker for that K5s hand I also noticed I've clocked up just short of 1/2 million hands since I bought this laptop back in Sept 2010 and I think I'm long enough in the poker tooth to not just blame bad luck when things go as badly as they have been recently.I included some 45 player turbo's in my sessions and my previous sng experience meant I felt the decisions flowed far more easily and I was very rarely having to second guess myself over hands.I suppose after only few thousand Mtt's I'm still a relative newbie to them and only playing more and studying more vids/hands on forums etc will help make me better at them.I'm still far too nitty during the mid stages and don't 3 bet and resteal often enough.I do take advantage of my nitty image to steal a ton of blinds but I'm definitely not picking up as many chips as I should be.If I was then maybe I'd be able to absorb the bad beats better and still have a stack to play with in some of these games.

I've also cut loose on bankroll management over recent months and as a result I've ended up depositing ( nothing I can't afford!) in the probably mistaken belief that if I keep plugging away I'll be able to turn a deep run into a big score as it just isn't possible to run this way for much longer.When playing sng's it's possible to go on long barren runs too but it's also far easier to bag a few wins to wipe out those losses and return to profit.The Mtt long run is obviously far longer! My shots at $55's and $44's are long gone now, although I will still take the occasional shot at games like the $33 Saturday Speedway.I've now cut out the $27's too and will focus on rebuilding by playing Mtt's under $10 and far more 45/180 player turbo's.Looks like the only cheque I'll be getting from poker anytime soon is a reality one.

Positives? Well despite that misclick when registering I'm very comfortable playing 12 tables these days ( on a 17" laptop with no additional software other than Pokertracker 3) and can play up to about 8 tables while also rolling my next 3 skinner! I've also found that I really like rebuy tourneys as there seems to be a lot more room to play poker when the rebuy period ends.

Not much going on away from the felt.The old friend from school "L" I ended up shagging after her leaving do last August has been back in touch to say she'll be home next month and maybe we'll meet up again.She did text me when she was home for Xmas but I didn't give her much encouragement as the nasty gum infection I had didn't exactly put me in the mood!

I park my car just across the road from my work and people from the Government building next door use the car park for their smoke breaks.A girl started chatting to me a couple of months back as I was about to get in my car and we've chatted a couple of times since then.She's a hot blonde and we got talking again today.Mostly her telling me tales of woe about everything from car troubles,noisy neighbours to a stalker ex who is due up in court in March.To be honest I'm bloody hopeless when it comes to reading signals etc but she when she mentioned she thought she was going to end up being a spinster I did manage to mutter something about her being far too good looking for that to happen and that maybe we could go for a drink sometime.She asked my name and I think we arranged to talk further next time we happen to bump into each other.Of course being hopeless at these things I've no idea if that was a polite brush off or if future drinks are on the cards.Watch this parking space I suppose...

Ok,thanks for reading.Back soon...


At Thursday, 28 February, 2013, Blogger dD said...

4 weeks between posts .. the variance must be fucking unreal !
"hod the bus" .. fucking classic, lol.
avoiding misclicks .. get a 2nd monitor, stars client on one screen, tables on the other screen, simples -)
hope the next half million are run good !

At Thursday, 28 February, 2013, Blogger dD said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At Thursday, 28 February, 2013, Blogger grrouchie said...

moar about future spinster crazy ex wife who lures you into a relationship only to rip your heart out and stab you with a knitting needle

At Thursday, 07 March, 2013, Blogger dhubermex said...


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At Friday, 08 March, 2013, Blogger Juice said...

Good luck with the blonde Acorn! just take a deep breath and push all your chips into the middle!


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