Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fish on a Heater

Good weekend at the felt last week.After nearly 8 years of real money online play it finally felt like I was on a heater! If I wasn't such a logical guy I'd assume the guy Stars employs to think up new and creative ways to screw me over on the virtual felt must have been on holiday! I only played the $1 Rebuy because @DannyN13 had mentioned the tourney in one of his TPE training vids.$2k for 1 rebuy and 1 add on isn't a bad return! I did get lucky too though and won 20/22 hands at showdown by the time I made the final table.It'll probably be another 8 years before that happens again.

I was 28/29 at one point after losing a big flip with AQ v JJ and with 14 left got it in with AQ v A10.The flop came A 10 6 and after a blank on the turn I thought it was goodnight Vienna until a beautiful Queen hit on the river.99 held v A3 after that and I was at the final table from 16000 starters sitting 7th from 9.

It was $690 for 9th and just over $1k for 8th and with one guy having a tiny stack I was put in a few tough ICM spots where I held back from making moves in order to move up the pay ladder.After he crashed out and I was 7/7 I shoved J10s and was called by KJ and that was that.I do think overall I could have been a bit more aggro at the final table but I was also trying not to do anything rash and I don't think I missed too many spots.I'd also got lucky to get there ( shoved 52 blind on blind into A4 and rivered a straight with about 50 players left)and just felt happy with a decent nights work.

I was hoping the heater would continue last night but unfortunately it was back to the usual beats and coolers.Mtt's are very much like sifting through shite for gold.Disgusting,horrible and nasty most of the time with the very occasional moment of pure joy when hitting a decent score.

Right off to to watch the Rangers game...


At Monday, 19 August, 2013, Blogger dD said...

nice score, ya jammy cnut :)

on a much more important note .... do you realise it's 2 fucking months since I last posted ??!!

At Monday, 30 September, 2013, Blogger dD said...

not as much of a heater as Jon Daly .... bet you S'muir are so looking forward to their next visit to Ibrox, not :)


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