Thursday, November 27, 2014

Good Place

Life ( touch wood!) is pretty damn great at the moment and I can't remember the last time I felt so genuinely happy with my lot.Things are still going brilliantly with my new girlfriend despite her recent gift of a lovely top that says "I don't need the internet my missus knows everything"! We've even planned for her to move in to my place sometime early next year and as someone who has always considered myself to be fiercely independent it's a strange feeling to be really looking forward to that happening.This compromising lark isn't always the easiest right enough but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.Who wants to watch the Spanish football on a Sat night when there are minor celebs poncing around on some dance floor anyway eh?! She's actually pretty good about the football to be fair and doesn't mind a bit of COD either so I've won a bit of a watch there.

Anyway enough gushing on like a love sick puppy! Work is going well too.I did a bit of covering social media for the works business customers back in July and must have made a good impression as me and another guy are now the ones who respond to business customer tweets and Facebook posts.It's quite high profile and for the most part I'm loving it.Sure there's an awful lot of complaints and aggressive wankers to deal with and I've usually got a few IM conversations going and tweeting at the same time but the days are flying in and even though I'm back working with a manager who made my life hell a couple of years back I've wised up a bit since then and so far I'm "playing the game" with her much better this time around and we're getting on well.I would still love to have an "honest tweets" day where I could tell some of our biggest troll like customers to dry their fuckin' eyes but unless I win the lottery and it's my last day I guess that's never going to happen..

Not been playing much poker.I've lost my Goldstar status on Pokerstars and I doubt I'll even have played enough games to make Silverstar this month but I can't say I'm really that bothered.I get to play when I'm not seeing the missus and when she is here and crashes out early ( and thankfully sleeps through anything) I fire up a few smokes and hit the tables.

Ok thanks for reading.Back soon...


At Monday, 01 December, 2014, Anonymous rosie said...

Ahh, nice hand Acorn :)

At Friday, 05 December, 2014, Blogger Littleacornman said...

Thanks Rosie.Just a fish on a heater :-)

At Saturday, 06 December, 2014, Blogger Juice said...

Ah its rosie! hello Rosie!

At Thursday, 18 December, 2014, Anonymous Rosie said...

Hello Juice! Merry Christmas

At Saturday, 27 December, 2014, Blogger dD said...

merry Christmas !

(you poor wee luvsik puppy, enjoy your new life, as your auld wan is oot the fucking window .. poker ? lol .. footie ? lol
enjoy and gl sir ! )


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