Saturday, December 21, 2013

U Mad? He Mad

Seeing as Dudley and I seem to to be the only fish left updating poker blogs and he's just posted I thought I'd write a wee update here too.

Pokerwise not much has changed since my last post.Still spewing off stacks on the rare occasions I get deep in Mtt's and still enjoying 12 tabling the 45/180 turbo's too.Played 1015 sngs last month and 198 Mtt's and have now earned just over 41k in Vpp's for the year which considering I only play at weekends means...I need to get out more!

I did have a much needed decent night at the felt last night,coming second in a couple of $8 ,180 turbos and 7th in the $13.50 KO $8k Gtd on Stars for $460.

I don't get much time to chat when playing 12-14 tables in one stack but if you're reading this then thanks to BerekDoyd ( I think that was the name!) who happened to mention he liked my blog in the chatbox.I was rolling a number at the time and lost track of the table before I got a chance to say anything so please don't think I was being ignorant!

The only other chat that made me smile recently was when I sucked out v an Aussie player who didn't take it well and spent at least the next ten minutes spamming the chat with "Pommy Faggot" over and over.I very rarely say anything but I did manage a "u mad?" followed by a "he mad" just to wind the guy up even more.I do still love the anti-social, no bullshit nature of online poker where you can have a table of people from literally all over the world and nobody says a word to each other.Maybe that says more about me!

Away from the poker the girl I like at work says she still hasn't had time to think about me asking her out and that I should move on as she's not being fair.She's got custody access hearings etc coming up and still going through a bit of a time of it. I didn't want to push it but I did say ( on work IM) that if she doesn't fancy me then I'd rather she just said that and I wont bring it up again and she replied "omg I'm not saying no,I'm just not saying yes either".She did also say that she hopes we can still be pals if she decides we should "leave it" so I'm going to enjoy Xmas and will take her moving on advice in the new year. I'm not interested in some half-hearted relationship anyway.

With all that going on I ended up going back to the real cigs recently but I've just ordered a Tornado V3 E-cig Starter kit and hopefully it'll be a bit better than the VIP e-cig I was using before.I still enjoy smoking some fine green herb at weekends although come the new year I'm going to cut out the Sunday puffing and keep it for Fri/Sat only as it's almost half way through Tuesday before I feel properly awake most weeks at the moment!

Right I'm off to go and see Step A and to pick up a Xmas tree!


At Wednesday, 15 January, 2014, Blogger dD said...

ah ha, still alive ? did you make it thru the new year celebrations ?
tell you what mate, u mad, leave that bird alone and go find a normal one !! lol

At Friday, 14 February, 2014, Blogger dD said...

Dec 21st ???? u call that updating, lol :)


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