Saturday, May 09, 2015

Ten Years of Blogging

I guess the post title is technically true although I'm not sure posting a few times a year really counts as proper blogging. Social media seems to have replaced blogging for the most part anyway and I notice my blogger spell checker doesn't even recognise the word "blogging" any more and suggests "bogging" which might well be more appropriate for this blog!

I had a wee look back over some old posts last night and realised how little I care about all the actual poker content I've posted over the years.It's the stuff about family,friends ( online and irl as the kiddies say) and relationships that catch my eye and make me smile or wince. It's a bit like the lesson I've learned about taking personal photo's and vids ( not that kind!). It's the people in them who count and pics of amazing skylines or views from hotel balconies are pretty dull on their own. I noticed that most watching old cine film my Dad recorded when I was a kid of old houses we lived in.Plenty of boring bricks and mortar footage and only the occasional priceless glimpse of my long passed grandparents.

Anyway life is still going pretty well for me. Nearly nine months with the new Mrs Acorn and things couldn't be better.Christmas and New year were amazing and after a wonderful week in Lanzarote back in Feb we're off for some 4 Star luxury in Tenerife next month. I do feel a bit guilty as I mentioned "keeping a diary" before Xmas and she bought me a beautiful 2015 paper one as a present which I've not touched.Not yet explained I meant an online one and as close as we are I'm not sure I want to expose 10 years of thoughts,feelings and pish about poker to anyone other than my current small link spamming readership.

It has taken me a bit of time to adjust to being in a relationship again and to learn to read properly between the lines during some of our conversations.Ask how she is and "good" means "good"."Absolutely fine" on the other hand means I'm in the bad books!

We're not living together yet but that's going to happen for sure very soon and we get on so well I don't have too many worries about how things will go.( although I guess it's always a bit of a gamble)

I don't do much politics in this blog but seeing as it was election day on Thursday I will say I'm disappointed both by the Tories winning an overall majority and by the SNP winning nearly every seat in Scotland. I do wonder what planet some people are on though when I saw hashtags like "ThankYouEd" on twitter.Yeah thankyou for not being self aware enough to let your brother stand instead of you and thanks for being shit enough to let those smug pricks Cameron and Osbourne in for another 5 years. I did still vote Labour but it was mainly a pro-union anti SNP vote than out of being inspired by their leader or policies. I won a few quid betting on Cameron to win the Tory leadership contest a few years back and looking at the Labour party their best hope by far is Chuka Umunna although if they were daft enough to choose Ed over David perhaps it's not worth betting on.

On the football front if someone had told me Rangers would be playing Queen of the South in a play-off game in the First Division and that we'd be best to keep it tight in the first leg because we're so pish I'd probably have laughed in their face. Here we are though and I just hope we can get through the play-offs,get back to the top league and with the right coaching and investment our great club can regain our rightful place at the top of Scottish football.( always good to win a two drunks chasing a balloon contest!)

Ok,thanks for reading.Time to walk Nacho and get ready for the big game..


At Tuesday, 12 May, 2015, Anonymous Rosie said...

Oooh controversial :-)

I'm not sure I think David would have done any better than his brother, you know, but I *am* grateful to Ed for showing that you don't have to want to shit all over the poor and vulnerable to be in leadership. I'm sure if Chuka does get in, he'll put that right soon enough ;-)

Glad is all going well. I wouldn't bother telling the Mrs about the blog either.


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