Monday, October 17, 2005

You'll raise me HOW much?

Handed the car in this morning to fix the bonnet catch and got a call just after lunch that didn't exactly make my day.

As the guy at the garage started to tell me how they'd greased the bonnet catch cable and it was working much better I could just sense the way the conversation was going to go.

He didn't hesitate to make an aggressive raise from the £70 just to look at it to £364 for a new radiator,£103 for new rear break pads and £119 for the new handbrake cables the car apparently requires.

I called his bluff and told him I'd be up to collect it later.Got a couple of cheaper quotes and finally topped up the water.( lets see if it really is the "cooling fins" that are damaged).

A bit of a pisser after having to shell out £235 for my tennants new cooker and £150 for a new window pane but while its put me in a bad mood its only money and not the end of the world.

Paid the £70 fee on my credit card and will probably cash out $140 to cover it from one of my poker accounts.

I'm going to try and work out near my 1st aniversary of real money play on Oct 31st exactly how much I've made in the year since I started.Its not so much I'm having trouble finding a calculator that can handle it but I've cashed out a few times but never really kept any accurate records.Pokertracker is only used on my Pokerroom account.If anyone knows how to work it with Interpoker please let me know.

Called my Mum today to catch up with her after they ( maw and paw) went to Benidorm for a few days sunshine.It put a big smile on my face to have my Mum tell me how she told my Dad she'd be back in a minute and left him at the bar whilst she was off playing poker on the hotels net facilities. I did have to clarify that shes still using play chips and actually fed Euros into the slot for her net access.Talk about paying rake!

I'll have to tell my wee cousin.He still can't believe my mums into poker after all the "you'll go to ruin" stuff she spouted at Xmas dinner last year when me and my Cous were talking poker.

I love the idea that I can go away and have 2 weeks with no poker but mums sneaking away from my dad to play for play money!!

No poker tonight.Marks coming up for our Monday night on the PSP or PS2.Should be good.

Guess what? Mondays nearly over.You ever find yourself wishing your life away? Roll on the weekend.


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