Thursday, December 22, 2005

The final countdown

Grinder left an interesting comment ( see yesterdays post) stating he believes when the poker boom is over No Limit will eventually die off as the fish will figure out its not for them.Actually part of the reason I mentioned ave pot sizes yesterday was to question why people would bother playing limit holdem at all! If average pots at $5-$10 fixed limit 6 max are aprox $40 but you can find .50-1 nl with the same ave pot why would you want to play with $5-$10 players when you can play with us fishies at the lowest nl tables and make more money?

The answer is probably that fixed limit is a totally different game and that its some peoples personal preference but if you want to make money no limit has to be the way to go at the lower levels.

No Limit holdem on tv is the reason for the poker boom.( no shit sherlock) Who wants to watch a fixed limit yawn fest.Where's the buzz? Where's the heart stopping moment when you have all your money in the middle with the best of it and are awaiting your fate? Where's the moment when you have to pick yourself up off the floor after losing with the best of it and show the character and willpower to play the next hand optimally? And the one after that if that hand turns out to be another bad beat?

I admire those that have the maths skills and knowledge fixed limit requires but its not for me.In terms of a poker game fading into obscurity I doubt limit holdem will but it will always be the inferior game to the Rolls Royce of poker and the daddy of all poker games...No Limit Holdem!

I read Felicia's post about the lack of other games available apart from Holdem at some venues and I think they will die first if anything is to go in the longer run.Maybe I'm just a cheeky newbie but I'm well aware that NL takes a lifetime to master and as I've only got one lifetime I've no real interest in learning omaha,stud,draw etc. If people want to play them thats fine but its Holdem that brought me to poker and thats what I want to play.

If that seems disrespectful to the other poker games so be it but as players like me are the reason for the boom I don't see the situation changing.Sure I don't want to see any form of poker die but I won't lose any sleep if its wall to wall Holdem from now on.

To last nights No Limit holdem and I placed 19th from 747 for $16.80 in Ladbrokes freeroll.I won a suckout when my A9 hit an Ace v QQ but generally played a very tight game finally going out when my 44 was busted.Once again I made a laydown I'm unsure of when I folded 1010 to a bet preflop from a player I knew little about due to a table move.I had 18k in chips,he had 26k.Lack of mtt experience doesn't help but despite the small payout it still felt great to have outlasted so many even if it was just a raked hands freeroll.

Moved to Rosie,Juice and Mr Edges table after that and had a great time there talking nonsense and winning chips.Rosie and I both had the hammer ( well Rosies was soooted) again and split the pot when we beat off another villan who dared to challenge the power of the 72 off.

The chat was great but got me thinking how we could use it more effectively.For instance Rosie seems a solid tight player who rarely bluffs so when she'd raised big preflop I said "nice bluff" hoping she would get action next time.

Mr Edge wrote about "this stupid game" just after a big raise and I was hoping he was hiding a monster and going to get called.Just as Mr Fish was about to call ( I had a virtual read on him!) Mr Edge started typing "Double me up " or something similar in the box and I was cursing at the screen.Hope you were bluffing Mr Edge!

Who says there are no tells on line.I was playing the other night at a 6 max table when a player who'd played every hand fairly quickly suddenly let the clock run down before raising.I remembered the old "weak means strong,strong means weak" adage and felt he'd tried to leave a dramatic pause to pretend he was strong.I called and was spot on.Felt great! Won't mention all my other failed reads.Thats no fun to write about!

Ok got my half day tomorrow then a team Xmas lunch followed by a night at friends later on.
Really looking forward to seeing Mark n Vics.Its been too long.

Ho ho ho .Just seen Juices latest post ( nice photo btw) where he calls me out as a spy and an evil acorn! I show him the light, lead him into nl and bankroll leaps like he has never known and thats the thanks I get!

Poker office? Why would I need that when your easier to read than a Mr Man book Juice? ho ho .

This is evil acorn signing off...


At Thursday, 22 December, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

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At Friday, 23 December, 2005, Blogger Juice said...

I show you the moves my friend but those are the moves i want you to see. What you dont see is what is important! ;-) setting up the hit, the big take down, the monster.....

Show me the light? all i see is darkness!

Good luck at the tables ;-)

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